January 17th, 2006


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It's shameful how much I love Simon Cowell. And how much I think that he and Paula have definitely fucked many times.

Wow, I'm a loser
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Kate Hudson - Lady

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10 minutes in and I already love "Love Monkey."

I was already talking about how much I love Jason Priestley today (no, seriously...I was. "90210" was on and I was discussing with Zoe) but anyway. Music industry is interesting and the "either of you know Sid Vicious's real name" thing intrigues me. It was on the commercial. I know very little about good music, so this could be excellent for me.

Oh, and Judy Greer is fabulous and Ivana Milicivec is just hot.

In case you haven't been watching: CBS - 10pm EST on Tuesdays.
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