January 16th, 2006


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The pre-show:

- Eric Bana is so foreign.
- Isaac Mizrahi is the greatest ever and asks the least appropriate questions (especially to the Desperate Housewives).
- George Clooney looks hot as always. I think he's closeted. But then again...I think everyone is gay.
- Heath looks gorgeous, Michelle looks not as good.
- Patrick Dempsey makes me so happy.
- Ryan Seacrest is the biggest tool. But Isaac is calling him on it at every turn!
- Zach Braff is a cutie and I think he and Mandy Moore are hot.
- Any award show that combines my favorite actors from television and film is awesome.
- DAVID STRATHAIRN is the love of my life. Yay. And the girl interviewing him SUCKS. She's talking about George Clooney with him. WTF?
- Keira Knightly is HOT. She's the other love of my life. And funny!
- Paul Giamatti is hilarious. He's great.
- Candice Bergen is looking fabulous.
- Alanis is there! *swoon*
- Felicity Huffman is drop-dead gorgeous in such a NORMAL way. Move over Eva and Teri! (I love them both but...)

*EXPLODE!* I'm too excited...

- Marcia Cross is adorable. So sweet.
- William Petersen!!! I would totally DO Gil Grissom.
- Gwyneth!!! I love pretty pregnant ladies. So cute. The husband is home with Apple and Blythe. How much does that suck for him?
- SJP and Matthew! Adore. Quite possibly the best Hollywood couple. (A close second is Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, though.)
- I haven't seen Paul Bettany on the carpet, but he looks good in the commerical for Firewall. And in The Da Vinci Code. 'Tis the year of the Bettany.
- The Johnny has arrived. Still has creapy mustache like last year, but he ditched the gross glasses. And he's just hot. I would die if I ever met him.
- Reese is adorable. I love her.
- Scarlett Johansson...not gonna lie, I don't really like her. As far as young stars go, she is not the best.
- Isaac has felt up more women tonight than Hugh Heffner!
- Renée is adorable. She needs to get good roles.
- Charlize. Eh. She could be a lumberjack.
- Another commercial note: Terry Bradshaw is going to be in the new SJP/Matthew McConaughey movie? WTF?
- Johnny is playful this evening. Rowr!
- Mariah is a little chunky, but looking happy.
- Dean Cain is there!!!! Hee hee. Screw Tom Welling, Dean is the only Superman.
- Rosario Dawson is looking very free-lovin'. Appropriate for Golden Globes.

Time to switch to NBC and the next journal entry.
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The Golden Globe Run-Down.

NBC pre-show:
- Hannibal Lecter is getting an award this evening. Hello, Clarice...
- Both Sutherland men are on TV shows. How sweet.
- Johnny talking about his daughter. CUTE. He plays Barbies. *swoon*
- Lame opening song.

The big show!
- 6 minutes in...every one should be drunk by now. There's a reason they call it the biggest party.
- Natalie Portman is like a less pretty, less talented, less foreign Keira Knightly.
- YAY GEORGE!!! Hottie won an award for best supporting actor. *is psyched*
- Could Natalie and Adrien be any more boring?
- Rachel Weisz is the actress my cutie film professor said he thought was hot.
- Note to Rachel: Don't grab the back of your dress like that, it looks like your picking your ass.
- I love Luke Wilson. So cute. Jessica Alba looks good tonight too.
- Wow...Brandon is tall. Teri is still gorgeous.
- Sandra Oh is SO cute! And excited! But I love Candice. Oh my. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA Sandra!!!!!! Best supporting actress. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] What was Alexander Payne thinking????
- Dammit Zoe! Where are you???
- Drew Barrymore needs to pluck her eyebrows. But Good Night, and Good Luck. was an excellent movie.
- Emmy Rossum is adorable, of course. And younger than me. Bah.
- Jesse L. Martin will always be Collins to me. Mmmm. And Nicolette is looking fabulous as always, despite the rumor she decided not to come.
- I don't like Commander-in-Chief, but Geena Davis is so tall. And she shouldn't be wearing red. Someone dress her in greens and blues. Hello, redheads don't wear red.
- Could the speeches BE any longer?
- Patrick Dempsey is such a hottie. Then again, so is Matthew Fox. Oh, and Keifer is steamy. Dammit. Hugh Laurie won. I don't watch "House". Oh, but he is funny.
- How cute! Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith's daughter is Miss Golden Globe.
- I want to be sitting at The Producer's table with Mel, Nathan, and Will. Can you imagine the funny?
- William Petersen is still hot. Pam is just stacked.
- Steve Carell is really funny. Kudos for having a GOOD speech. He and Hugh Laurie are in the minority tonight.
- Chug that alcohol, folks! It's a commercial break!
- Note to Tim Robbins: Cut your hair, you hippie bastard.
- Ralph Fiennes is a stuck-up ass, but soooo talented.
- Jamie Foxx is very hot. Smoking, even.
- As much as I love the Dame, I'm voting for Keira. Squid and the Whale was supposed to be excellent. Reese and SJP are so cute though! They are both really generous, genuine people. Hee hee...Ryan is he cutest husband ever!
- Note to self: See Walk the Line
- Mary Louise Parker is FABULOUS always. (Especially her episodes on "The West Wing"...if you never see any of the complete season, watch her episdoes.) Though I have never heard of "Weeds" before the Globes nominations came out. YAY for a non-Desperate Housewife winning! And she thanked John Spencer. She is my favorite person ever right now.
- The Scrubs commercial with Zach Braff distracting Steve Carell in the bathroom while Donald Faison steals his Globe was HILARIOUS.
- Emma Thompson is my hero. I say that for a lot of people, but she is fabulous. Emma did the final re-write of the P&P script.
- SUCH an amazing movie. I loved Pride & Prejudice more than I can say.
- I love Bill Nighy, but I haven't seen ANY of the miniseries nominated. Oops.
- Snippets of Donald and Keifer hugging, George lunging the camera and Sandra chatting it up with Reese. God, what I wouldn't give to be there.
- Colin Firth is my future husband. He just doesn't know it yet...
- First Brokeback nomination. AND WIN.
- Virginia Madsen makes beautiful arm candy.
- Bad lipstick on Anne Hathaway.
- Oh god, I'm so excited.
- Heath is adorable.
- Whew. Now that THAT'S over.
- By the way, the Housewives are kickin' 'em back at their table. Snippets catch ALL.
- The Desperate Housewives can all win this way. Yay for them.
- Penelope Cruz has a funny accent. Ha.
- SJP and Matt McConaughey are adorable. I love the Southern boy. Yay for Paradise Now. It's supposed to be good.
- Jean Reno is in the new Pink Panther movie. Sweet.
- I can't believe I still haven't seen History of Violence.
- Julian McMahon is my hot lover...he just doesn't know it yet.
- Is there ever a year John Williams isn't nominated for a Golden Globe? I guess he's good at what he does...
- Another win for Brokeback... Yay. Song isn't really the most important part.
- Ang Lee is amazing. That is all.
- Uh-oh. "Tell me, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming?"
- Johnny looked so happy to see Gwyneth come out. Hee hee.
- Remains of the Day was really good. We watched it in Theatre 3,4 to learn about subtext. As we've established, Emma is my hero.
- Oh, I had forgotten he was in Legends of the Fall. So good.
- I can't wait to see Proof when it comes out on DVD.
- I've only seen 7 of Sir Anthony Hopkins' 101 films on IMDb's list. Meet Joe Black, The Mask of Zorro, Legends of the Fall, The Road to Wellville, Remains of the Day, Silence of the Lambs, 84 Charing Cross Road
- I have such a closeted crush on Mandy Moore.
- I need to see The Squid and the Whale...but I never found it anywhere.
- I've been looking forward to Best Director for weeks! They are all fabulous, though George and Ang are high high HIGH on my list. Steven and Woody aren't too far behind. ANG LEE wins! YAYAYAYAYA! Good speech too. "Strengthening my faith in the power of movies to change the way we're thinking." Excellent.
- Where is Jake Gyllenhaal this evening? Putz.
- Best Actor (comedy/musical) is going to be another close category. So much goodness. Pierce, Jeff, Johnny, Nathan, Cillian, Joaquin. Excellent performers, each and every one. This reinforces that fact that I need to see Walk the Line.
- I love all the chatting that goes on.
- Tim McGraw = random. But I guess you can't get more appropriate than introducing Walk the Line. Reese is too cute.
- Best Musical/Comedy...oh, I'm so excited. Of course, I'm rooting for Pride and Prejudice, but I don't think it has a chance. Not up against Walk the Line. Heh...called it.
- Ryan Phillippe is really excitible tonight. I think he's on X, but Zoe says he's high on life. ;-)
- Russell Crowe had a take-out box at his seat. Is he really that broke that he has to take food home from the Globes?
- That was the saddest intro ever. "Their last time together..." I'm going to miss Will & Grace. They are just so funny. GREY'S ANATOMY! YAYAYA! I think it deserve to win every award possible, but who knows what the HFPA think...dammit. Lost. Fuckers on an island.
- Wait! What is Emma Thompson doing at the Brokeback table? Silly mingler.
- Oooo...Leonardo DiCaprio is hot and talented. Too bad he had to be in Titanic. It's taken 10 years for him to get over THAT stigma. I love Maria Bello, and Felicity Huffman. Gwyneth and the pretty Geisha girl are nice too.
- William H. Macy is the CUTEST husband ever!
- Ooo...thanking the Weinsteins. Miramax is good and evil all at once. I need to finish reading Down and Dirty Pictures.
- Excellent speech by Felicity. I love her.
- I'm so ready for the final awards. Eeeeee.
- ACTOR!!! Not a big Russell Crowe fan, however, Philip Seymour Hoffman is fabulous enough to make up for both of them. And the Heath. Oh, what to say about the Heath. I've already proclaimed my husband, David Strathairn, to be amazing. Yay for PSH, but ... the Heath. :-(
- Yay for Lexus heavily promoting their hybrid. IF you're going to own an SUV, at least make it as fuel efficient at a regular vehicle. For the love of the earth.
- Best Picture (drama). Oh my...so much goodness in one category...though we all know where my loyalties lie. GAY COWBOYS!!! Oy, yay. That was a relief. Not that the other films didn't deserve it too...but...oh. The fabulousness of such a story. I feel satisfied and calm. Excellent.

Well, that's it. One down, three to go.

[By the way, I have no intention of ever using the "lj-cut" for these entries. Read, scroll, ignore. Whatever.]
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