January 14th, 2006

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The past two nights I've been up late redesigning my website. Well, less redesigning, more re-content-ing.

It didn't make much sense to have two sites devoted to my personal musings (LJ and *poofgone*) so I've entirely reformatted.

While *poofgone* is currently just the ratings I've given to current movies (with a small amount of information about each), I'd like to add a synopsis and/or review to each film listed. Also, I would ultimately love to add non-new releases (most likely starting with new-to-DVD, and working back). I have rated over 1000 movies on Netflix.com, and it would be awesome if I could translate all of those to *poofgone*.

It's still in its early hours, and there is a notice that appearance and content may change at any time. But I think it's a good start.

So in case you missed the link before and would like to check out the site: http://www.poofgone.com
Feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcome.
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