January 11th, 2006


And if I could hold on through the tears and the laughter, would it be beautiful...?

So I wish I could post more, but I saw both Munich and Breakfast on Pluto (and regrettably paid for both...at least student rate is only $7).

Munich was long, but interesting. Really interesting. I was worried it might "take sides" but really the only thing it promotes is stopping the cycle of violence. Or at least that's what I got out of it.

Breakfast on Pluto was also interesting in a very different way. While both movies showed people being persecuted for who they are (a bit of a stretch, but a common theme none the less) Pluto was a much smaller universe. Cillian Murphy was really good, and I liked Liam Neeson and Stephen Rae too. I would suggest waiting to rent it, though. I think most people would wonder why they had wasted the money. Plus, being a non-mainstream UK/Irish film, it's very much that "WTF?" that happens with early 90's British movies (pre-Four Weddings...) if any of that makes sence.

In other words, Gail is tired and will review more fully tomorrow after the 9am class. *shudder*
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What's the frequency Kenneth

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The IMDb Quote of the Day:
What exactly is an evil giraffe?

Now, if you don't know what this is from, I am ashamed of you and think that you don't deserve my friendship. However, you can cheat and look it up on the IMDb homepage (near the bottom) and maybe all will be forgiven.

That said...

I am an evil giraffe. I will eat all the leaves on this tree. I shall eat more leaves than I should, and other giraffes...(pause)...may die.
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Daily Show - My News is Funny

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Oh my god.

Where hell have I been???

Jon Stewart is hosting the Academy Awards?!?!?!?!?!

This is fabulous. Last I heard, Chris Rock wasn't coming back, and they asked Billy Crystal and he turned them down.

Dammit. I bet he talked about it on the show. Why the hell haven't I been watching the Daily Show?!?!


In other news:
Golden Globes: Monday, January 16. 8pm EST. (NBC)
Screen Actors Guild: Sunday, January 29. 8pm EST (TNT & TBS, simulcast)
Independent Spirit Awards: Saturday, March 4. Live on IFC, recast on AMC. Times TBA
*Academy Awards: Sunday, March 5. 8pm EST (ABC)

I let my IFP membership lapse (because I don't have $50), so I don't get to vote on the Independent Spirit Awards this year. :-(

*Nominations to be announced Tuesday, January 31.
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I'm getting old and I need something to rely on...

A quick post to show of my new, flashy icon.

It's better than duck season AND rabbit season.

EDIT: It's supposed to be animated, but apparently I did something wrong. I'll try to fix it later.

And now, shower. I have to go to class in about 45 minutes.
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Please be self absorbed much (not the good kind)...

Okay, so why am I never satisfied?

My iMac is less than two months old, and she's great. I'm not as attached as I am to my laptop. But they just came out with new iMacs. Again. Two months after mine came out. And now it's twice as fast with a dual Intel chip.

And I want the newer one. Patty says I should just get the new MacBook Pro, which would be excellent, but I don't have another $2000 to spend on a computer.


On the upside, new Project Runway starts in 30 minutes.

And better news, my Wednesday night class which is supposed to be let out at 10:15pm will be getting out at 9:30 (at the latest). So I will never have to miss an episode! Opa.
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Baby you're a big star now

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Damn you, Bank One/Chase!!!

They upped my credit limit on my United Milage Plus credit card.

Those asses.

In other news, I caved and pre-ordered the Project Runway My Scene Barbie that Nick designed in episode 3. I swear, I'm not obsessed with this show. I could quit any time.

(Though I did text message my mom during class to remind her to watch it. If I'm going down, I'm taking someone with me!)
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Sara - Restless (cover)

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My professor tonight claimed to be a "type A personality" but she was very inefficient and not terribly organized. She hadn't stapled the syllabus and instead of passing around the stack of papers and telling everyone to take all four pages, she went around and individually passed out the pages to everyone. Also, she got on so many tangents while going over the syllabus, that I started drifting and wished I could take out my cell phone to play games on.

Is it just me, or is this not very "type A"? Like...she should have been well-prepared for class, including having the syllabi stapled. She might be "type A" but I think she's also ADD.

Oh, and she said this is a "very difficult" writing class because we will be focused on "detail"...which I have found out means we'll be siting sources in correct MLA (or if you choose, APA) format.


Well fuck. We've been doing that since Freshman year in high school. It should be noted that this is NOT the first required writing class, but English Composition II. So everyone has already had a semester of writing papers. I'm wondering how the hell the did a research paper without quotes and citations.

I wish I could pass out of this class. It would leave me space in my schedule to add an Art History class. But add/drop ends Friday, and I don't know if UCF allows you to "test out of" an English course.
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