January 10th, 2006

Johnny Depp - Captain Jack

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Pirates has some of the largest, most gaping plot holes EVER.

One that I just noticed while watching is this: pirates don't bleed. They can't be killed or injured with a knife. So how is it that they can shed blood to lift the curse?

This one is pretty glaring.

Most of the rest I can sort of see the logic behind (like why Elizabeth hasn't been cursed for the 8 years she had the gold coin), but that just doesn't make any sense. It's okay, the film is still fabulous.

"If you were waiting for the opportune moment...that was it."
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Johnny Depp - Bon Bon

I kept on ignoring the ambivalence you felt, and in the meantime I lost myself...

A brief snippet of a conversation with my darlingest Beccalina:

Me: Captain Jack and I have so much in common
Becca: oh yes...the hair, the dark eyeliner...the accent
Becca: the HOTTNESS
Me: I meant more our cunning wit and thirst for adventure that leads in massive amounts of treasure
Becca: and slight attraction to will turner

That's right. All the cool kids know that Jack is not the straightest man in the room.
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A few quick things:

1) For my fashionistas - is it wrong to wear very dark blue jeans with a black shirt? My mom and aunt say "no" but I don't know if I trust two old biddies like them.

2) The IMDb "Truly Trivial" fact today is as follows: This 1985 movie was shot with three different conclusions, and a random ending was shown in every theater where the film screened. (answer)

I think that's interesting. Two people could have seen the film in two different cinemas and seen a different ending. I'd only seen the movie on cable TV or video, so I never realized the original version didn't have all three endings.

3) Last night, I had to fill out a student info sheet for my class (pretty normal) but there was a question that said "list at least two accomplishments" or something like that. I couldn't think of anything. Is that bad?

I've continued to think about it, and I still haven't come up with any great accomplishments. The professor gave an example of having children or playing sports. I have/do neither.

Last note: Casablanca is amazing. I've seen it probably 5 times and I never get bored of it.
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Did you hear about my friend? He's embarrassed to be seen now...

Florida is stupid. It took be 25 minutes to drive to the post office, which is a whole 1.7 miles away. But they had the six-lane divided road I live on down to one lane on the south-bound side (where I was traveling, of course)...but that's not the best part. They closed the two lanes at an intersection. Traffic was merging from 3 lanes to 1 lane...IN AN INTERSECTION. A major intersection. Two 6-lanes roads cross at this point and there were cars everywhere. It was a mess.

Dumb asses.

However, this made me thankful that I am anal-retentive and left for class 50 minutes early. Because I had plenty of time to get to the post office, drop off the mail, turn around and go back to school (the other side only had one lane closed, so it was moving fine), park on the top floor of a very full parking garage, hike it to class, and get there with 5 minutes to spare.

Always be prepared. A lesser man would have missed class.

So class. I'm officially scared shitless. I do indeed have cutie professor, and I found out today that he is straight (it was questionable for a while). But this is a production-based course. My first one. We'll be in groups and actually making some sort of film (well, most likely video because who has a film camera lying about?). But misused vocabulary aside, this will be my first time working on actually making something film-related. I have had my camera for a year now, and used it once. I tried to do editing, but my old computer couldn't support it, so any footage I have (it's nothing special, just New Year's Eve stuff from last year) has been siting on a DV tape and doing nothing. But I got my nice, new, impressive computer with 500GB hard drive, 1.5GB memory, and a dual-layer DVD burner for just this occasion.

But I'm so incredibly scared. Because if this sucks, or I suck, or something goes terribly wrong...what am I going to do? Change majors again? Find a different focus in film? I am not Dawson Leary (bad example, but still). I was not making films in high school. I have not submitted anything to amateur festivals. I have done nothing...I've just enjoyed seeing and talking about films. I guess the honeymoon is over and real life is stepping in.

That said, because I got out of class early, I'm going to try and make it a double feature tonight. I'm definitely seeing Breakfast On Pluto, but it's up in the air between Munich and Syriana. I've heard Syriana is hard to watch and very complicated, but good. But then Munich would be relatively easy to watch and is also supposed to be good. As someone in class today said, "It made up for War of the Worlds." I'm leaning toward Munich if only because it's a bigger draw and I'll have more people to discuss it with than Syriana.

Excuse me while I go slow down my mind.
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