January 8th, 2006

Cinéphile sepia


I'm back in Orlando and have unloaded my car of all the crap I had with me. Which was sizable. Because I was away from my apartment for 4 weeks. And three of those were spent in the frozen tundra of the north. So certain things had to be taken to prepare. Not to mention that I got groceries, so my pantry now has the sodium content of a salt mine. I'm going to die very young and I blame NaCl.

Anyway, I have not a lot to do. I have already unpacked everything. I will need to reorganize my DVDs (to put back the ones I took with me). and I will be starting the massive "put as many CDs as possible onto my iMac" binge. Then I might get around to watching a Netflix or two.

What I would ultimately like to do is go see a movie. The Regal down the street is playing 6 movies I want to see...and if I saw them all legally, that's $42. And I don't have $42. I could maybe see one, but how do I pick? While I'm in more of a Casanova mood right now, do I want to waste $7, when it could go to seeing Munich. So maybe a compromise with The Producers...lighter and funny, but quality. Fun with Dick and Jane can wait for DVD and at this point, I think I'm going to miss Syriana and Memoirs of a Geisha anyhow, so I suppose that's what I have Netflix for. Which reminds me, I just saw that Broken Flowers has been released on DVD...so that should head to the top of my queue.

*sigh* The plight of a film major.

In other news, I think I need a nap.
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That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit, I'm traveling at the speed of light...

Alright, so I'm checking out the Golden Globe nominations, and I'm thinking that a lot of this is coming out of left-field.

Anyone else notice this?

I would say the only predictable category in there is Best Director (Woody Allen – Match Point, George Clooney – Good Night, And Good Luck, Peter Jackson – King Kong, Ang Lee – Brokeback Mountain, Fernando Meirelles – The Constant Gardener, Steven Spielberg – Munich).

Other than that? I'm doing a whole lot of double takes here.

Sarah Jessica Parker for Best Actress for Family Stone? Seriously? I thought she was alright. Nothing that stood out as particularly noteworthy, except that she played an extremely unlikable character.

Will Ferrell has been nominated for The Producers. [...] It's a funny role, yes...but. There's just something not right about it. I feel like (without having seen it) his performances are often similar and he could have been equally recognized for Zoolander, Elf, or Anchorman. Eh, he's good at what he does, I would not be upset if he won...except that he's up against four really great actors (George Clooney, Matt Dillon, Paul Giamatti, and Bob Hoskins). One of these things is not like the others...

I'm also surprised at how many nominations Match Point is getting, considering the extremely low amount of publicity surrounding it. Though I guess if it's Woody Allen, people will see it whether it's good or not. He doesn't even need to advertise. That said, I do plan on hunting it out and seeing it when I can. Though I've discovered that Florida is where film goes to die. Why couldn't my mother have moved to New York or California?

[For the record: Match Point is playing at SHOWPLACE. It's in limited release currently, but a $4.50 cinema in Vernon Hills has a copy. And yet the entire city of Orlando can't scrounge one up?]

However, Breakfast on Pluto IS playing in Winter Park (30 minutes from me) and I will most certainly be getting out to see that. Cillian Murphy is amazingly intense and interesting to watch...if not even a little creepy. Though that might be because I remember him best in Red Eye (which I loved because Cillian Murphy + Rachel McAdams = Gail's happy place).

I was surprised that Mrs. Henderson Presents was nominated in a few different categories. It's been at festivals all over but hasn't gotten that much attention. It's also not being released for wide distribution. So it's following the Match Point theory of obscurity, but without the basis of being a Woody Allen film or backing of becoming an audience favorite. Maybe the production company will rethink that plan now that it has some noms under it's belt.

As far as television, I'm getting a little sick of the "Desperate Housewives" over-hype. It's a good show, I'll give you that. They are talented actresses...but do all four (sorry, Edie doesn't count) have to be nominated??? Way to leave room for ANY OTHER QUALITY SHOW.

In the same vein, "Commander in Chief" doesn't deserve half of it's nominations. I've tried to watch it...it sucks. Granted, I got used to a GOOD show about the White House, but still. Blows.

However, yay for Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh getting actor noms for "Grey's Anatomy". The show is also nominated. [!!!!]

I'll stop at that. I'm sure I'll have even more to say once I see some more of these nominated films (Munich and Breakfast at Pluto are on the top of my list, followed by The Producers and whatever else I can get my sights on). And then again after the show (it airs January 16th...check local listings for time and channel).

**PS - This song is totally about drugs.
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