December 12th, 2005


You were a-wandering out on the fields of Iowa and you were not thinking of me...

There's something about the holidays that makes you feel incredibly alone when you are single.

And to make matters worse, this break I will have to be incredibly dependent on others. I will not have a car and I live very far from everyone I love. I can't even take the train, because the Antioch line runs to Vernon Hills and Buffalo Grove. And I'm awful at asking favors of people. As it is, Caitlin will have to pick me up from the airport on Thursday because everyone in my family works past 3:30pm.

Now, I'm going to stop this line of complaining before things get messy and before it sounds like I'm victimizing myself a little too much.

According to MapQuest:
From Antioch to Evanston: 45.5 miles (1 hour, 3 minutes)
Antioch to Deerfield: 31 miles (41 minutes)
[Deerfield to Evanston: 14.5 miles (28 minutes)]

I'm sure I have friends who would be more than happy to visit me, or pick me up to do something...but how often? If Caitlin is being kind enough to get me from the airport, who will be wonderful enough to take me to the Crew Break Party on Friday?

I don't do dependent well. Why did my mom have to move to fucking Florida? I want my house back and my room and my address and the fact that I could walk to several friends' houses in a matter of minutes. Dammit.
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The mother and I just watched Brother Bear because I had never seen it. (I know...a Disney movie I hadn't seen...the world, indeed, came to a crashing hault. Perhaps you felt it?)

Anyway...the movie was so-so. Koda was adorable, but the evil "chased by brother as hunter" thing got a little old. BUT. The commentary with the mooses (meese?) was HILARIOUS! Worth watching the entire film again...because it's not really watching the movie. So funny. Like...I can't get over how funny it was.

And now...I'm making Mama watch Love Actually, because yes.
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