November 17th, 2005


When the last king of Hollywood shatters his glass on the floor...

I got to come home for lunch!

That sounds like something that would be really exciting if I were in 2nd grade and being picked up by my mom for an hour. But then again...that was something that never happened to me because my mom worked. I remember other kids getting special lunches with their parents.

Anyway, my last class let out really early because we had a test, so instead of chilling around campus for 2 HOURS, I decided to head home, get some food in my system and lighten my load before returning for what promises to be a very short (20 minutes, max) lab for Statistics. I would just blow it off, but it's the last one. Actually the last one is in two weeks, but it's optional for those who want to drop a lower grade. I think the lowest I've gotten on a lab was 9.5/10...I'm not worried.

Art History test today wasn't terrible. But it wasn't good. I was Rome from 0 to about 1000...but not just Rome. The entire Roman Empire, as well as Byzantine, Islamic, and Early Medieval Art. I had to know about Constantine and Justinian in Rome, through Charlemagne in France and Northern Europe, along with Mohammod in Jerusalem, St. Patrick and the monasteries in Ireland and Britain, and the Vikings in Scandinavia. It's a lot of art and buildings and overlapping dates. Dates are definitely the worst. When in doubt: 6th Century for Rome (Justinian), 7th Century for Islam, and 8th for Medieval...but that can get you in uber trouble because there's a 1300 year gap for these things to fall into.

*sigh* Enough about my Art test.

You know what I hate about "Soup at Hand"s? All the noodles settle to the bottom and you get to the end and it's all noodle. Seriously? Just take them out. I'll buy chicken broth in a cup. I'm eating a Soup at Hand...I obviously don't care about quality, so the noodles are really just unnecessary. It's a ploy in attempting to be a quality food, but you know what? You're not a quality food. You're promoted as being able to be sipped through a straw hole...the remnants of high quality home cookin' jumped ship a long time ago.

That said, I actually had a decent "meal" for lunch. Along with my Campbell's Chicken + Mini Noodles Soup at Hand, I had one of those 100 calorie Oreo packs, and a can of diced pears. Can you tell that I'm running low on food? All the "healthy" stuff my mother forces on me infiltrates my usual junk food. Damn you, junk food! Come baaaaack!

So I didn't nap yesterday for the first time in recent memory (yeah, I know...naps are bad, yadda yadda) so I was super tired upon waking this morning. The plan is that after my Stats lab, I will nap for a long time. I'll need to be well rested for Harry Potter tonight. I probably won't get home until 3am. Yikes. I'm too old for that. I want to nap now, but I don't think 40 minutes will be sufficient.

One final note: I don't know how to type on a regular keyboard anymore. The keys seem so far away from each other and the slight angle is really screwing me up. I'm used to a small, flat board where there are no gaps between keys. This is taking some getting-used-to.
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So the movie starts in exactly 47 minutes. Is that too early to get to the theatre?


In other news, the movie Soapdish rocks. No matter how many times I've seen it, I still love it. Rent it. GO!

Finally: There's a nearby town that recently published a wrong number for the Sheriff's office. Instead of reaching the Sheriff, it was a phone sex hotline. AHAHAHAHA. I love Florida.
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