October 26th, 2005


Black cat cross my path, I think everyday's gonna be my last...

I watched "Freddie" this evening, because I got home a little early from class and figured it would be good while eating my burrito, then I could get to studying.

At the end, there was a scene where Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brian Austin Green were pretending to be a gay couple, and I realized the show would be SOOOOOO much better if they actually were shacking up. In fact, I think I was expecting it and now that I know it would never happen, I am quite disappointed. So much so that I may have to search for some Freddie/Brian slash. Someone out there has written it, and dammit...I want to read it!!!

In other news, last month we had an overage on our utility bill, so we each had to pay $6.10. My roommate's solution (I have mentioned this before) was to turn off the air conditioner during two of the hotter weeks of the past month. So now we have an overage of $4.56. While the "hotter than hell" weeks did lower the bill, I would have GLADLY coughed up the $6.16 (the extra $1.54 per person) to NOT have lived in an 85 degree bedroom. Sluts.

This is kind of a perplexing problem. I mean, if it wasn't the air conditioning, what keeps putting us over? Our refrigerator is stuffed to the gills and set far too cold (because it's so full) but that can't really be helped. We don't use our dishwasher. The stove and microwave are used a lot...but people gotta eat. A couple of the ceiling fans (mine included) run almost constantly, but that can't be cause for a $20 overage. Computers are on chronically, but they are relatively energy efficient. I use those spiral halogen bulbs, so my lights use less than half the wattage of my roommates. I am slightly pissed about this, because I honestly believe that it isn't my fault at all. The Fridge contains 6 items of mine: strawberry jam, pickles, ketchup, two bottles of water and a Diet Pepsi. I have nothing in the freezer. I don't use the stove. I use energy efficient light bulbs. I don't sleep with my television on. But who knows? I do have a lot of stuff...like a printer and a wireless router and an alarm clock. Those run 24-7...maybe that's the problem. (Actually, the printer is usually in energy stand-by mode.) Fucking alarm clocks, causing overages!!!

Does anybody know anything about electricity who could help me? I just want to know where the source is. If turning off the a/c for two weeks only dropped the bill $6.16, where the hell is the problem?

And now, studying. I have an American History test tomorrow morning. Yippee. Although, as the semester progresses, it's getting easier and easier. Chronology is funny like that. My knowledge of WWI is significantly greater than that of the Civil War. Damn Confederates. Now THAT'S a musical for you.

As a side note: my last tests have been rocking. Stats: 24/25 = 96%. Art History: 32/34 = 94%. And (most recently) Film: 29/30 = 97%.

Fuck yeah. I'm a genius. Or I go to class...same thing, really.
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