October 22nd, 2005

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Some random stuff:

- It's actually not raining here. Wilma is just chilling in Cancun. She might be getting wasted at a bar, so who knows when she'll be leaving. What happens in Mexico...stays in Mexico. The tramp.

- My Apple Care Protection Plan arrived yesterday. My computer has yet to ship. Grrr. At least it's under warranty before it even leaves the factory.

- I had a sex dream last night and in it, we actually used a condom. I am now promoting the use of safe sex...even in dreams. Being unconscious is no reason to ignore the importance of contraception and protection.

- I also had a dream (later in the night) about dating this uber cute guy that I met in a library while working on a film project and trying to find information on "Un chien andalou" (the Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali Surrealist film). I'm still trying to figure out if the dating or the sex was the better dream.

- My mom has been on this kick (when isn't she on some kind of kick) where she is very anti-3 meals a day. This means that for the past two days, I've been limited to two meals. This isn't generally a problem, I don't usually eat a lot anyhow. But (we're entering the realm of TMI, for those who are squeamish), I'm on my period, and it's a bad month with uber cramping and headaches, it is a necessity to eat a TON. I have already consumed all the junk food in my apartment (Cheetos, Ritz Bits peanut butter sandwiches, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, chocolate bars...they are all gone), and now I'm with the person who things "healthy eating" means bland foods, and she's all about limiting consumption. Look lady, I need more than a tuna sandwich and a bag of Doritos to last me 6 hours. Preferably something high in fat and sodium content.

- On the upside, I got her to take me to Target and buy "Tarzan" on DVD. Whoo! $20 I didn't have to spend. I also got 3-$1 things of yarn so my aunt can make me another scarf. Yay!

- Yesterday, I watched Celebrity Poker Showdown, and Joey Fatone was one. He's still adorable, and I still adore him. Yay. Then this morning, there was My Fair Brady, which I made my mom watch, and Christopher Knight rocks. I love me some Brady Bunch. We turned off VH1 before Breaking Bonaduce, though, because that's just sad to watch.

- We went to see "In Her Shoes" yesterday, and it was surprisingly good. Toni Colette rocked, and I loved her boy! He's uber cute. Cameron Diaz was surprisingly good, and Shirley MacLaine is one of the greatest actresses ever. I loved her all the way back in "The Apartment" with Jack Lemmon back in the 1960. I am SO VERY excited about "Rumor Has It" coming out in December (the 25th).

That's it for now. I am going to read a bit of smut before taking a nap.
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