October 14th, 2005


Was it you who spoke the words that things will happen, but not to me...?

Want to know what really pisses me off?

Art theft.

Not quite so much as abusive husbands or pedophiles, but it's up there.

Art is something to be admired and loved by all. I also get annoyed at people who have a "private collection" of wonderful art that is tucked away in their homes and not shared with the world.

But the thieves really get me. Those asses steal works of genius...for money. Selfish, that's what it is.

But want to know what REALLY pisses me off?

Someone who would steal a Vermeer! There are only 35 known Vermeers in the world, dammit! That's 3% of our Vermeer collection gone in flash. At least with Picasso or Renoir...they made hundreds of paintings. Stealing one is like a drop in the bucket. But leave the Vermeer alone!!!!

Finally...I need to find a documentary on either a) art heists or the recovery of stolen art or b) auction houses (dealing in art specifically) and the value of art.

I'm doing a group project on "The Value of Art" which I think is a kickass theme (mostly because I thought of it) and I have a pretty solid list of films about art heists (Thomas Crown Affair, etc) but I have yet to find my documentary. While the second film example need not actually be a documentary...it helps if both films aren't works of fiction.

The thing is...I have found several documentary films and TV shows exploring these concepts. Stolen (an indie documentary film about the search for the Gardner art...the largest art heist in history), "Art House: Playing the Game" (an Australian TV series about auction houses), The Picasso Ransom: Theft for Art's Sake (a current work-in-progress), Making a Killing (a documentary about the 50+ year search and recovery of art taken from a Jewish family during the Holocaust), 15 Minutes (an indie film about two guys who disguise themselves as Andy Warhol and Van Gogh and steal art from a museum to express outrage at the lack of local artists displayed there), and so many more, I can't even remember them all. But these have ALL been made in either 2004 or 2005 and are yet to be distributed and released on DVD (with the exception of Making a Killing which was made in 1998 and has never been distributed).

Bugger. I need facts!

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Yeah, I rock. Why? Because I only friend people that I actually care about reading their journal. Back in the day when I had 50+ friends, I would have failed that miserably.

And now. Shower and get to the movie for 12:30 showing of Elizabethtown. I'm excited, but I've seen some not-so-favorable reviews...so apprehensive would be a good word.
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How I long to fall just a little bit, to dance out of the lines and stray from the light...

My dinner: Ritz Bits Sandwiches (peanut butter, of course) and Cheetos.

Oh, I'm healthy.

So I've mentioned previously that Jack isn't doing so well (Jack is my laptop, for those unknowing). He's been my primary computer for over 3 years and I love him. He's had his hard drive replaced twice. But he's no longer under protection plan. And I'm having a bit of trouble with the power connector. It was bent and now it only fits if you put it in the right way. (Heh...that sounds kinda dirty.)

Anyway...Jack is officially quite outdated. He has a 40 GB hard drive...that's the same size as my iPod. Not acceptable for a computer...especially one on which I would like to experiment with filmmaking. THAT takes up a ton of space. Jack has a 12" screen. Which I love because it's cute and portable...but I need something larger for the image design and film stuff that I do. He has 384 MB of memory, and that's because I had 128 MB added on purchase. My CPU speed is 867 MHz.

The iMac I'm looking at (they have been recently updated, and I've been watching them for a few months now) is rock-tacular. First off, it has the option of 160, 250, or 500 GB hard drive. I'm leaning toward the 500 because this will be my computer for the next 3 years and beyond (hopefully). That's over 12 times the size of my current drive. Yowzaa! CPU speed of 2.1 GHz (1.5 times that of my Jack). And to top it all off, 1.5 GB of memory. Nearly 4 times my current memory. All of this plus either a 17" or 20" monitor. Yummy.

Now, I know I said that Jack is a little run down and slightly "over-loved" but one of the main items tipping the scales is my purchase of The Sims 2 for Mac. I installed it, and it won't run correctly because my computer doesn't meet the requirements. I promptly uninstalled it, and getting nervous at the thought of a 3rd hard drive crash, backed up all of my files onto my external drive (lovingly called "The Captain"). I did a final iPod update before dumping a couple gigs of music, leaving my iTunes with only 2000 songs, instead of the 2450 on my iPod.

I will definitely keep Jack if and when I do get a new computer. He's great for taking with me on weekends to my mom's or to class so I don't get bored. In Paris, I could carry him with me on the metro and across the city and people never suspected I had a laptop in my bag because it didn't look big enough, and it wasn't even a huge pain to schlep him around. He weighs less than my cat.

But there's this issue of money. After paying for next semester, my student loan will be down to about $500, and that's assuming I don't spend it before January. My Savings account has been wiped out since Paris (literally $0.00), and my checking only has $90. $590 is not enough for my dream computer (which will cost at least $1700 and at most $2400, including sales tax). I have a credit card with enough room for it, but how will I make monthly payments?

The new computer isn't a necessity...yet. But I'm no longer covered under warranty, and while Apple is pretty generous with their Genius support, another blown hard drive is not in my budget. Or anything else that may go wrong. Some scuffed keys, a loose power cord, those things I can handle. Anything more serious and I'm in big trouble.

This is the time that it would be uber sweet to win the lottery. Or the McDonald's Monopoly game. Something. I could always steal a Cassatt or a Dali...those go for a little over $4 million. Titian or Chagall would earn about $13.5 million. Or then, there's always the rare Picasso rose period work that could fetch $104 million. God, what I'd give just for that painting (Boy with a Pipe) without the money, it's gorgeous.

Random: I love the Comcast "Things that are Comcastic" commercial. Hot Lips Hoolihan! I love me some MASH.

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