July 7th, 2004


Where's the fire, what's the hurry about?

Camp has been off lately. Not as fun as last year. And I'm kinda torn between wanting to hang around with the other counselors, or going off and doing my job solo. I mean, it's not necessary for me to go hang out and talk to/play with the kids at the park, so theoretically I could stand with another person and watch the campers while talking. But I feel so bad when I do. I'm there for the kids and I'm getting paid to keep them safe and happy. It's harder with more friends at camp. Last year, there was just Candace. Now there's Candace, Zoe, Steph is over from Scampers a lot...and I know Nicole, Jenna, Mo and Susie better...so I like to hang around them.

Kids. It's about the kids.


Self-sacrificing is what I'm all about recently. Speaking of which, I get to babysit for 26 hours this weekend. For two kids. This is me excited.
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