November 29th, 2003


You say you rest your mind sometimes...

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Another couple busy days. Thanksgiving was really good. Yummy food at my brother Dave's house. Took a nap between dinner and dessert. That turkey will really knock you out! Damn.

When I got home, Charlie and Jason came over. Watched some quality Super Troopers. So funny! "Liter is French for GIVE ME SOME FUCKING COLA!!!"

Today I went to David's Bridal to try on bridesmaid dress. Very very disappointing. In the 2 years since Emily's wedding, I've gone up two dress sizes. What the hell???? Ehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Came home and napped. Was going to watch movie with Zoe, but was far too tired. Woke up for dinner with the family. Then went to Whitney's house to see her and Beth for the last time before I leave. I finally got to Amanda's about 2 and a half hours late. Oh was great to see a bunch of people that I definitely wouldn't have had time to see otherwise. And of course, I got to see Amanda and Allie and others for the first time since being here. Most of the boys I had already hung with. Stayed until 4am. Oy, I'm too old for this! It seems so easy at school. Why can't I stay up this late here?

Tomorrow I don't really have anything planned until another family dinner and the hanging out with Zoe, Candace, Molly and Johnson. Hopefully I'll Crystals (both of them) once more too. I should plan something for lunch. But right now, that seems too early, so we'll have to see how tomorrow goes.

And now? I brush my teeth, wash my face, and hit the sack.
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'Cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe...

(from archives)

Today was an uber geeky day. Had Chipotle for lunch with Pat and last- minute Jason addition. Then we went back to Patty's and they set up for their "lan party" and at one point I had to get my computer so they could use it too. *sigh* Sillies.

I stuck around. Napped a bit, watched some of the appendixes of the extended edition of Two Towers. Then I had family dinner at Olive Garden, and went straight from there to Zoe's house to hang with her, Candace, Nikki, Johnson, Molly, and Laura. Good stuff. Watched an awesome indie film with Christian Bale, Kate Beckinsdale, and Frances McDormand. Very good. Laurel Canyon, thank you,

And now, I'm back at Patty's, retrieving my PowerBook, as well as staying to watch the actors' commentary to Two Towers. Starting to realize that in 12 hours, I'll be getting up to leave by 12:30pm, picking up Lela, and heading back down to IU. I can't wait to come back in a couple weeks. Oy.
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