November 20th, 2003


I fall onto my knees again, I could wait for you endlessly...

(from archives)


I just checked and found that I had -$41 in my checking account. Luckily, that was my "available balance" which is the most up to date, computerized total, and my "current balance," what the bank thinks I have...was still in the positive. So I quickly transfered money from my savings, and a disaster was hopefully avoided.

The problem was that I had to buy $39 worth of Romeo and Juliet tickets, and then my pre-ordered West Wing DVDs sent, and so that all came out of my account rather suddenly. I'm just glad I checked. Whew.

And now, I nap, because I was up hella late last night. Both doing homework and just hanging out. The weekend is coming soon. I can feel it.
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