September 17th, 2003


Those who falter and fall must pay the price

Today, I got the Family Guy DVDs in the mail. WOOO!

We already watched 3 episodes tonight. Sooooo funny. So random. So offensive. ;-)

All three seasons. *drools*

Other than that, today was fine. Tiring. But alright. And acting rocked because I had to do a reading of a scene in Boys' Life with a hottie! And it was a scene where I got to yell, swear and accuse him of having an affair. It rocked so hard.

I'm tired. And going to bed soon. First class tomorrow: 12:20. Sweetness.


*and downloads music illegally* :-p
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    Stars - Les Misérables

525,600 minutes, 525,600 seasons of love.

Holy shit.

I should be glad that I'm not gushing blood from the head. A little harder, and it would have been hospital/stitch worthy.

I BEAMED my head in the corner of a wall. Not just any outside wall. Not just any outside wall...a fucking STONE wall. I tripped up the stairs and fell head-first into the corner of the stone wall.

Stupid shitface, party of one.

*sheesh* I feel like and idiot.

Tonight, we're going to an orchestra concert. I think we're all dressing up to look hot. Hmmm...that can be arranged.
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    I'll Cover You (reprise) - RENT