September 10th, 2003


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Another evening spent at school. As if I had a choice.

Today was good. Nothing too bad. Most moods from yesterday have bounced back, except for maybe Lela...who is just confused.

I blame boys. Throw rocks at them all.


And now...sleep!
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I'm going to hell.

I just bought volumes one and two of Family Guy. All three seasons will soon be mine to own.

Yeah, cause I can afford this shit.

I'd complain that Mommy gave Fayanne a steady income from each of her pay checks and that I'm getting nothing...but my schooling costs about 4 times as much as hers I guess I have no right. Poo.
Kirsten - ignored

I look before I leap

My dream last night consisted of demonic sorority girls stealing my soul into hell and me trying to figure out how to escape. There was lots of running and trying to fly away. And I could go back into the real world, and people could see me, but I was a nobody. It was ODD.

Today has been odd. The dream was plaguing my mind, then there was this thing my mom sent me about Staci. And then tomorrow is September 11th, and that can't be good.

So I've been a bit silently numb.

And 3 classes in three hours was hectic, and I felt like I'd been hit with a truck.

But mama sent me A LOT of food in a care package today. Rock the fuck on.

And Whitney called me and I talked to her earlier. Rock again.

And I don't want to do my history homework. At all.
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