September 9th, 2003


There's a few more bruises if that's the way you insist on heading

Today was a shitty day for a lot of people. The stars were crossed for Katie since the very beginning and Lela has had such troubles lately. And Allyson's uber bitch roommate showed up and left after being insulted about being an exotic dancer. Jess has been in the biggest funk lately, and I'm not sure why

And I'm a sympathy-pain type person. My day was made less good. I don't know if it was even all that great at all. Classes were alright. French is never a bad's too easy. But I do have the first draft of a composition due Friday. Should be simple.

Media is interesting, but these Monday night classes from 7 to 10:30 are going to get really old, really fast.

Tomorrow is another hellish day of two big classes right away in the morning. At noon I'll have to go back to health center to pick up my prescription. Then I get 4 hours before my double acting and choir bundle that will let me out at 8:30.

BOOO. Classes interfere with social life.

I have just caught up on email correspondences. This is obviously more important than homework.

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Cause all that matter's Mary Jane is your freedom...
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If you feel it, than just say it

Testing out a new client. I've never actually used one of these since I was still on the uber old Windows 98 computer that was dying. I guess we'll see how this goes.

And I'm spent. And a bit discontent. Uncomfortable. Yucky.


Where's the love?
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