September 4th, 2003

Kirsten - ignored

Your wounds have healed by now...but you still see your scars

Tonight was just fucking weird. There was the missing the bus to the mall. So we didn't go.

Then there was the dance party. Which was interrupted by Michael being drunk off his ass. Oh, and really? Who can forget when he started puking for an hour?

Then there was some floor tension. And the gay boys + Hillary came over and all was getting more calm. But I had a shitty conversation with Jason, and I'm trying to decide if it would have been better had I not called him at all. I should learn that we are really great friends in person, but over the internet or a phone line, I get blown off. A lot.

And I can't tell if I want to go home, or if I never want to go home again.

I feel both ways. I love school. I hate school. I want home. I abhor the thought. What is a girl to do?

Fuck. I need sleep. I have class at 9:30 and I haven't even finished the homework for it. Nor have I for my 4:30 class...but I'll have time in the afternoon.

I hate sleep. I don't want to sleep. But I need it, and it might feel good. I'm afraid of sleep. But I worship sleep. What the fuck is going on with me?
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And you don't love me, the way I wish you would

Again, I went to bed late. But last night was fucked up. So I basically slept through my morning classes. Didn't finish my history homework, but he said we could turn it in by tomorrow. so good.

Now I'm going to be lunching and then finishing my acting homework. Late night again. And I have a ton of shit to get done. I have to buy Daddy a gift. Something really good.

The way I know you could...
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