August 28th, 2003


I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation

I can't believe I haven't touched this thing yet!

We arrived in Bloomington, IN at 3pm on Tuesday. Decided to run by the dorm. For $20, I could move in that day.

SCORE! By 5pm yesterday, I was completely settled into my new space. I even got to stay here last night.

There are probably about 30 people on my floor. And I love them!! Seriously, we have the best floor EVER and everyone is jealous. We are mostly performing arts majors, for theatre, vocal or instrument performance. And it's just a geeky fun bunch. Not really a "look at me" fest like I was fearing.

Last night, me and 6 people who moved in early watched Chicago and tonight we watched 10 Things I Hate About You. I'm meeting a ton of people and making friends with them. Our floor is so close already, it's like everywhere you look, there's someone to hang out with and talk to. ROCKS!

Tonight was also our first floor meeting (boring, but cool), then a FREE ice cream social, and following that, I went with a few girls to a Frat roommate, a friend and I only stayed 20 minutes because it was boring and we knew nobody. I wished I had stayed back to play Mofia with the awesome residents of Forest B floor 5.

And now, I'm soooo tired, and hoping that the temperature will cool down more. My room is still so hot, but outside it isn't too bad.

Ahhh....I'm so happy here. I'm loving this stuff, and it's only been a day! Fun stuff.

Now I need to sleep. Because as I mentioned, I'm tired!
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1 down and 3.6....tomorrow I'm out of here

I'm still excited about school, but I'm getting more into the swing.

Still liking my floor and the people here. So great. Tonight we're going to be watching The Breakfast Club.

Earlier there was a stupid majors fair type thing, that I didn't need to be at, so me and cutie gay boy came back to the dorm instead of wasting our time. Then there was a CultureFest with different restaurants giving out food for these tickets that we got for free. Kinda Taste of Chicago style, but uber small with a lot of people and long lines. We ditched that early too.

I've used my meal plan card twice today, and it was exciting.

I'm a geek, so I'm going to go. ;-)
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