August 24th, 2003


It's amazing how you make your face just like a wall, how you take your heart and turn it off

Up early because I'm going to breakfast this morning with Whitney. So sad. She's still a junior so she has a couple more years before she'll be leaving, but she keeps saying "you can't leave me!" Sweetie.

And then at 3pm I'm going to Starbucks with Molly...a sophomore.

I don't want to leave anymore. I'm getting cold feet!

*sigh* The rest of my day will be spent figuring out how I'm supposed to be "packing." Everyone talks about it...all the crap they have to bring. What am I supposed to do? Throw three months worth of clothes in a box?

I'm still tired. I was up too late. Well...2:30, but I wasn't even doing anything. Nothing productive or anything like that. Just laying around on my computer. Talking to Pat and doing a bit of downloading. I suck.
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If she's out there somewhere, somewhere...I would give everything to know

Breakfast was good.

Then I came home and napped.


I woke up and decided that I should actually attempt this "packing" thing. It all went pretty well actually. I've got all of my clothes packed, and I put my DVDs in a CD case (mmm...conserving space!) and so it's all seeming pretty good. There are still lots of things I have to pack, like the clothes I need to wash tomorrow, books, photo albums, stuffed animals, etc. The random stuff.

But now? I'm heading to Starbucks with Molly, Whitney and maybe Becca. It's gotten HUGE!

Oh, and I have a 5pm family dinner at Olive Garden. Mmmmm!
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Candle in the Wind

I'm still waiting for you, and I guess that I will...

Le diner ete tres bien, and since accents take too long to insert, I"m going to stop butchering the language.

After dinner we went to Target for some last minute stuff. I got Super Troopers on DVD. Necessary for every college student. Just like Dazed and Confused.

Now I'm home. My wireless connection is working and I'm not quite sure why. And I feel bad because Jason and I have been playing telephone tag all day. And then I call him and I'm like..."wait! It's working."

Now I'm trying to figure out with Patty what to do tonight. Possibly renting Tron. Computer viruses of the 80's...PERSONIFIED! Hahahaha.

It's so odd that I leave in 39 hours. Huh.
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