August 23rd, 2003

Candle in the Wind

Take yourself around the world to see who's your friend and who is kind

Tonight was alright. We hung at Mulder's, watched a bad Tom Clancy movie, played Settlers and went to IHOP.

And yet for some reason, I was feeling really shitty and there was some miscommunication of which IHOP to go to and I ended up excusing myself to the bathroom because I was starting to cry. Stupidest fucking thing ever. And I calmed down while we ate and everything.

But then I come home and my mother has moved my laptop and it looks like she's closed it, which would put it to sleep and close all my connections, (like Adium/AIM and mail) so I'd have to log back in and miss anything that I would have received earlier.

It turns out that it was barely still cracked open, impressive because there was even stuff on top of it (!!!). But it still caused tears and for me to yell (under my breath) about how much of a "fucking whore" she is and that I "fucking hate that bitch" and other such profanities.

This shit sucks.
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Kate Hudson - Lady

Into the maze, enter the medicine handed down




DVD!!!!! sent me an email this morning. And it has thus been pre-ordered.

It doesn't come out until November 18th.



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But I'm getting older now and I'm thinking about my end and me without love

Wee! Just got back from the Apple Store. Which always makes me happy.

I got my bag! The one I've been lusting over forever.

It's here. Timbuk2 Commute. I got it in the Five-0 Blue, Silver, Five-0 Blue.

Yes, it was expensive. But it's so nice and has a great laptop compartment. And it's awesome. I love it.

So now I'm bored. Until 7, I have nothing really to do.

Maybe I'll order that laptop lock. And cringe as I balance my checkbook. :-\
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Alanis - Unsexy

I apologize if it makes you feel bad. Seeing me so tense, no self-confidence

This song rocks. Bitter, sad, lonely. All at once.

Big ol' "FUCK YOU" song. I need another one of those.

Tonight was alright. The family shindig was typical. Eating, sitting around. I was actually pretty bored, but I love my immediate family, so it was alright. And I got some more money, even though mommy said no gifts. Totals $100. Niiiiiice. Especially after that messenger bag. And the laptop lock. And West Wing season 1.

Then I went to dinner/food with Fayanne, Brad and our neighbor and their friend Stephanie. I got a shake, but was so full that it wasn't enjoyable.

Then I got home to be lectured by my friends about underage drinking. Buh? I wasn't drunk, but yes, I had a few Mike's tonight. Fuck them.

So that put me in this cross mood.

And I think i need to go now.
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