August 21st, 2003

Kate Hudson - Lady

At the end of the day and into the night, that's when I get my peace and quiet

First, the website stuff.

I couldn't figure out why my graphics were such HUGE files, so Jason taught me how to export them as much smaller gif files.

So now the site is nice, small and QUICK LOADING!!

So you should go take a look. :-)

And my cool desktop is quick now too. VIntage Travel Poster Collage Desktop.


Second, Allie and I went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Soooooo good, but no room for cheesecake. :-(

Then we went shopping because for the longest time I've been pining over handbags. I ended up with a really cute one from JCrew, which was a lot cheaper than the Coach and Kate Spade bags also in the running. I just don't have the money for that.

If you want to see it, it's behind the cut. The picture makes it look huge, but it's really not that big. Probably 9" high by 12" wide.

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Now I need a nap. Or something.
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A friend of mine has been dumped.

I have already executed part a) console over phone.

Next is part b) bring her ice cream and chill for a girly night.
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