August 20th, 2003


I think I'll follow my heart, it's a very good place to start.

I'm tired, but alas, another pretty good night.

The Goldman's (our neighbors and also the family of this kid "Goldy" I occasionally refer to) had a house warming party/graduation party. So we mingled and ate from 6pm until 2am. The adults and family and such left at 9, but we all stuck around and watched Eddie Izzard.

OH MY GOD! Funniest shit EVER!

Literally, I was ROLLING on the floor because I was laughing so hard. Like...convulsing.

The sad part about tonight?

I said my first goodbyes. Because Rob leaves tomorrow and I won't see him before then. Caitlin leaves Friday, and I won't see her before then. And Amanda leaves on Thursday, and I won't see her before then either. I'm really going to miss Amanda. I love that girl. Known her since 3rd grade and been friends with her since 5th. We had some rocky points, but we've definitely come back stronger. I wish I could say the same about some of my other friends. There's a lot of people who I'm on shaky terms with and I don't see us getting better by getting farther away. *sigh*

The first of many goodbyes. Nuts.
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(no subject)

A) I haven't eaten all day.

Actually, I had 4 Chips Ahoy cookies.

I should fix that.

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I'm ALWAYS George Carlin!
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One you, one me. One love

So all day I've been playing with Fireworks MX. It's an awesome program and I used it to make all of the graphics on my website. (Which is right this way, in case I haven't been pimping enough...)

So then tonight I was oogling the amazing vintage travel posters at And I decided to play around with a collage. And ended up with an awesome desktop.

I showed Patty and he said, "Wow. That looks professional."


I'm really really really proud of it. And I'm going to link to it. I'd love for you to take a look at it.

(Vintage Travel Poster Collage Desktop (600x800))

*** It's not big nor time consuming! I promise!!! ***
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