August 19th, 2003


Subway's no way for a good man to go down

Next up...*poofgone!* The Animated Series!!!

As you may already know, I've been working on new websites and such.

Well! is now up and running! I'm still working on it quite a bit. The layout isn't quite how I want it, and there are some things that need immediate changes. But it's an actual domain, and it's mine and I'm smart enough to have figured out Dreamweaver to create it and CyberDuck (an FTP client) to upload it. So I'm stoked.

Also, if I didn't mention it before, is now a usable email address. I feel all geeky and stuff.

Other than that, I've been up since 9. Had some cracked out dreams. The first involved my friend Becca being pushed, shoved and hit across the face by a teacher in the library and all the librarians were just turning a blind eye. This teacher didn't like her because she asked too many questions, so he was beating her. :-(

Second, I was shopping at Sam's Club, but had to be quick because I had left my baby in the car and I was afraid someone was going to call DCFS before I got back out. Then I had to go back in because he was crying and I needed to buy a rattle and pacifiers (both with Care Bears on least I'm a mama with good taste!). Crazy.

I need a nap.
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Apparently the fucking Court of Lake County didn't receive my money order before my court date and now MY LICENSE IS SUSPENDED IN 47 DAYS.

Or some shit like that.

So right now? I have no license.

Daddy's on the phone with them right now. Apparently they didn't receive it AT ALL. It was $100 fucking dollars. And it's gone now without my


Okay...we just got a call from a DIFFERENT chick from the SAME OFFICE who said they received payment, but it was too late for traffic school and it's just going to have to go on my record.

But I am getting my license back? And the $25 difference between the $75 ticket and the $100 I paid for the stupid class that I can't take.

Goddammit. I'm so pissed off and confused right now.

I need a shower.
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