August 17th, 2003


On a dark, desert highway. Cool wind in my hair

So tired. But I spent today with some of the boys. Chipotle for lunch, hanging at Chazz's, then at Patty's. Dinner at Chili's and movie (S.W.A.T. - still good)!

Today was the first time that my baby (read: computer) was taken out of the house. It was quite an experience! ;-)

Now, I'm too tired, and getting to bed.
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    Hotel California - Eagles

When you were born, they'd look at you and say what a smart girl

The good news:

I have a wireless internet router. For FREE. From Goldy because his family is reverting back to wired internet in the new house. (I don't get it either.)

The bad news?

I can't make it work!

I turn on my airport card and my computer gets a signal. A strong signal. But it won't let me connect to anything internet related. So I'm back to dragging a 20ft ethernet cable around with me. Damn.

Jason came over and made it work. To my credit, it was difficult and involved a lot of knowledge of IP addresses and even he had a few snags.

But now I'm wireless!
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    What a Good Boy - Barenaked Ladies