August 10th, 2003


There's nothing left to say, I've got to go my way. Try and understand

I'm just finishing ripping the rest of the CDs I want to have on my iPod for the trip. And I've finished packing everything except what I'll need in the morning. is down so I can't transfer money from my savings account. I wanted to have at least $1000 in case we came into trouble with our airline tickets or hotel, since it's on Mama's credit card.

So much anxiety. What if we can't get on the plane? What if my suitcase is too heavy? (I'm notorious for over-packing.) What if I forget something important? What if I can't get through because I don't have my driver's license? What if I oversleep my alarm?

Urg. I need to get sleep. I'm waking up in 4 hours.
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    I Don't Love You Anymore - Lea Salonga and Ariel Rivera