August 7th, 2003


I miss your purple hair, I miss the way you taste

Though today was better at camp, we are still all ready for it to be done. Tonight, the counselors are going out to Trax and then who knows what. Should be a good time.

Tomorrow is indeed the last day of camp. What will I do with myself?

I'm really tired so I might take a nap. Oh, and Popables Snickers are SO GOOD!

Gosh, my life is so exciting!
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I'm a street light shining, I'm a white light blinding bright

Woo. Tonight rocked.

Counselor dinner was pretty boring, but 14 of 16 came, which rocked. Trax was meh. Big watering hole for the well-to-do rich folks of Deerfield.

Then everyone split up to go their separate ways and Candace and I went with Mo, Leslie (two of our bosses), Matt and Bobby to Ram for drinks. Initially we were sitting in the bar section and got kicked out because Candace and I are only 18. So we went to sit in the "dining section" and just drank there. The waitress carded everyone, but Leslie just ordered me drinks. Candace doesn't drink, so she was the only sober one by the end. The Ram has $2 twisted teas on Thursdays, so the bill was only $20, which was awesome. I had about 3 and a half drinks because if someone didn't finish theirs, Leslie would be like "Gail! Chug it!!" And I did because I can hold alcohol well. Matt, who thought I was a prude dork before, now admitted that I'm fun when I lighten up. He's an idiot, but I appreciated the half-complement.

At 10:30, the 4 over 21 folks headed to The Cubby Bear and Candace and I had to leave 'cause we wouldn't be able to get in. So i started calling random folks to see if anything was up for tonight, while Candace drove to Barnes and Noble...the only place still open. It was handy cause I had to buy maps of Seattle anyway. Then Allie called me back and I talked to her while wandering around B&N. It was funny.

Now I'm home. Eating Triscuits, hoping that my stomach doesn't decide to revolt and really hoping that my head doesn't explode tomorrow morning. Half of our room will be hung over and it's going to be up to Roxie (the dumbass) to run shit. HAHAHAHHA! Good thing candace has the sense to stay sober.

Oh, and Leslie called my sister Fayanne earlier in the evening right after dinner to yell at her for not having a fake ID for me. Or giving me one of her old IDs. It was so funny cause Leslie was starting to get wasted at dinner, and by the time we were drinking at the RAM, she was gone. It was hilarious.
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Candle in the Wind

Down a one-way street with a one-night stand with a one-track mind out to no-man's land

A or all, before it gets to be Friday...

a very happy birthday wish is going out to Zack (sinkist). You rock honey. Seriously. I hope you had an awesome day and that things aren't sucking.

I'd be more sincere and heartfelt, but I can't think tonight.

ALSO! Does anyone know the process to getting a government issued ID? Do I have to go to the post office? Can I get it instantly? I really really need it for going to the airport on Sunday.

Or better yet, if I go to the police station where I got my ticket, can I pay it and get my license back there? Zoe said I could, but I don't know if I believe her.

Finally...I stole a half-gallon jug from the Ram. A) because I"m a clepto and Leslie told me to. B) because our waitress was a bitch and we never got our cherry garnish!!!! ;-)
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