August 6th, 2003


And the band played songs that we had never heard but we danced anyway

Setting up my computer has been so unbelievably fun and stress free. Macs make everything so easy. It took me a total of maybe 10 minutes to transfer all of my files from the old computer to this one (with Jason's help). And all of my mp3s have been moved onto here, and ripping CDs into mp3s is just about the easiest thing in the world, thanks to iTunes. This is so more user friendly than Windows ever could be.

But now I need to get to bed, because I still have work in the morning. Maybe I'll get around to actually using my iPod tomorrow.

Oh! And I filled out all the mail-in-rebate stuff, so I'll be getting (or rather Mama will be getting) $300 back for our purchase of PowerBook, printer and iPod. Adding in the educational discount and we saved $750. Total cost being $2078, for a computer, printer, 10GB iPod, 3 year Apple Care, and an addition 256 MB of memory. Oh, and an iPod case. Rock on Apple.
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You might think you could be happy someday but you don't know how to look the other way

Worst day of camp EVER!

We had an all day field trip to Maplewood Park, where we would be going by bus, because it's about 10 blocks and these kids are 6 years old.

But the bus never came. So we walked. They were all upset and cranky and couldn't handle the walk. Though it definitely could have been worse.

But we didn't get to the park until 10:30 and we had to leave (by bus) for swimming at 11. In this time, the kids were able to play on the playground while some of us counselors were arranging for lunch from Jimmy John's. Which was closed. So we tried Quiznos. We placed the entire very specific order, and somehow it got messed up (I didn't know all the details because Leslie was too pissed to tell us) and so we had to place it AGAIN. For 16 people. Oy.

THEN! At 11? No bus. 11:05 - no bus. 11:10 - no bus. 11:20 - no bus. 11:25 - we have all the kids get changed for swimming and get their backpacks and we're ready to try to walk. Another 10-ish blocks to the pool. For lessons that start at 11:40.

Finally at 11:30, a bus comes. Not our bus, but we take it anyway. One bus. 71 person capacity. For 61 kids and 16 adults. We all squish into seats...3 kids or 2 kids and a counselor. The driver rocked and we all got to the pool right at 11:40 and we went straight into the pool.

After lessons, we wait around for about 10 minutes and a bus comes! We are so impressed...until we realize that the driver has a baby...a tiny baby, and all of it's stuff (stroller, diaper bag, etc) taking up the first two seats.

So the 77 of us now have 6 less seats. So half the counselors are STANDING in the aisles while we get back to the park. We are all so pissed about how badly everything is going. But we get back to the park and get the kids eating lunch. Holly comes about 10 minutes later with our Quiznos...which was cold and kind of gross, but whatever. It tasted good because it did. But one counselor's order was lost, and we had to pay for it anyway. And another person's was messed up. And there was more chaos and badness.

None of us were in the mood for camp anymore. Bees were swarming our lunch table and just a lot of negative feelings. We had to drag ourselves to watch the kids playing. It sucked. I wanted a nap.

Then at 2, the bus was surprisingly on time...and it started raining as we were getting ready to leave. So in the 10 minutes it takes for us to organize kids and get them on the bus, we got wet. It was just about the perfect ending. So we load back on the bus and have the same space issue, so half of us are standing. The driver then says that she doesn't feel comfortable with that and goes off to ask another driver their opinion. Leslie was like "That's it! I'm hijacking this bus!!!" and we are all so angry because it's the driver's baby who is the reason we can't sit.

Finally we get moving and a cop starts to follow us. Everyone standing ducks as much as possible and all the site directors and most of the counselors are just waiting to be pulled over. Because a) that's the kind of day it was and b) we were breaking laws by standing and having too many people for capacity, and it's all the bus company's fault.

We didn't get pulled over (sadly enough) and the last 15 minutes of camp were spent just passing out papers and letting the kids do whatever they wanted. We were so done.

2 days left. That's it. 2!


Oh, and in more exciting news...I got my roommate. Katherine Rachel from Princeton, IL. I checked a map and it appears to be middle-of-nowhere, podunk Illlinois. Rock on.

And tonight I go clothes shopping with my mother, aunt and cousin. Oy.
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Candle in the Wind

Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind

Tonight was rather dull. I was ditched by my mother so she could go to dinner with my Aunt Kate. Then she was ditched by my aunt and came crawling back to me, so I ended up at dinner with the parents. It was alright, but I'd had better.

Then I got the brilliant idea to take my niece to see Freaky Friday. I have secretly been wanting to see it for a while, but hey. No one needs to know that. I took my 8 year old niece. ;-)

I did enjoy it a lot. Like most movies, there were parts where I was the ONLY person in the theatre laughing. But least I have a sense of humor. And I've always liked Lindsay Lohan...ever since I saw The Parent Trap, another fabulous film. I'm a fan of cheesy Disney flicks and I'm not afraid to admit it.

So now it's midnight and I should be getting to bed. I suppose. Meh.
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