August 4th, 2003

Kate Hudson - Lady

Even in your death, the press still hounded you

So last night, my monitor officially croaked. Like...caput. It was the sparking I think that really did it in. That mother was fried!

Then this morning I had an extra 15 minutes before work, so I unhooked the shitty monitor, took it away, then unhooked the monitor from the computer in my room, brought it out here, and hooked it up.

W00t, I'm a geek.

But now I have a working computer. Which is handy.

AND TONIGHT!!!! POWERBOOK TIME!!!! Isn't it pretty?

One problem. Maybe this monitor is just old, but everything is rather blurry. I tried switching the resolution to something bigger, but I personally can't stand that huge of a screen. So I dunno.

Oh, and per suggestion of Linz, I'm buying my mother a present. Something really nice. I don't know what yet...but I might venture to the Amish Furniture Shoppe.
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My new wireless optical mouse rocks!!! Woo, it's hot.

And I had a salad for lunch today, so now I'm craving "bad for you" foods. Mmm...leftover Italian night is sounding damn good!

Then shopping for Mama. I swear!

He knew he had to find him some simple joys


I'm on my new computer. Right now. On it. In my bedroom. It's pretty and tiny and I love it so very much. I'm still setting up stuff right now, but it's so frickin' slick.

And I got a printer to go with it, and an iPod!!!! WOO!

I think it's uber funny that the iPod comes with a lable on it that says "Don't steal music. Ne voley pas la musique. Bitte keine Musik stehlen." and then the same in Japanese. Rock on!

Apple rocks. I am now a loyal Apple user. Sign me up for the Switch campaign.

Hi. I'm Gail. And I just switched. ;-)
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