July 30th, 2003


My daddy gave me a name

Camp today rocked. The water park was awesome. My "break" was spent swimming with my two favorite campers, Emma and Eli (yeah...we don't pick favorites my ass!) and the times I was "supervising" I just hung around with Mo and Leslie, which rocked the house.

It was a fabu day, but now I'm soooooo tired!

So I'm off to nap for an hour before I got to FlatTop and Cherubs with Carly, Jared, Nicole and Steve. Woo! Theatre people rock!!

Oh, and Leslie loves Boy Meets Boy and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I knew I liked her for a reason!
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Tonight was so fabulous!!

Dinner at FlatTop was excellent, though very rushed. Petchenik is so fucking funny and it was decided that the two of us aren't allowed to be together because we play off each other too well.

The first show was called Those That Linger, and was written by the director (Laura Schellhardt), a professor at Brown who Ross is madly in love with. It was phenomenal and I loved it. It was about these people, and the ghosts that haunt them and "linger" to hold them back from living their lives. AMAZING!

The second was an interesting piece called God: The Vaudeville. It lived up to it's name. It was a vaudeville. A bunch of slap-stick comedy in very energized tones. About God and the Bible and religions. Funny stuff, and Mel was hilarious. There was a lot of physical humor and the actors were dressed rather like clowns with huge make-up and crazy clothes. It was SO FUCKED UP, but startlingly funny.

And then on the ride home, I was cracked up and we were all laughing a lot. It rocked. Theatre people are such a party. Though I did miss my geeky, more calm friends. :-)
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