July 29th, 2003


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Dude. I have the coolest friends ever.

First off, I'm having a conversation with Mulder about how (statistically speaking) many of our friends are probably gay.

And then there's Robin, who's the coolest girl EVER and IMs me with this: "HELLO MY NAME IS ROBIN AMADO AND I'M SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU DIRECTIONS TO MY HOUSE!!"

And if you know Robin, she's always really excited and happy and awesome as fuck.

And now, after a nice night of Ben & Jerry's and Super Smash, I'm off to bed. Yay for work in the mornings. Grrr...
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Kate Hudson - Lady

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Duuuuuude! Fun-ness is going to abound tonight.

First, there's our Fazoli's run!! We are ensuring that the future generations will kidnap their freshman and take them to Kenosha for dinner! It's going to be great. Me, Zoe, Candace with Goldberg representing the junior class, Robin and Cark for the sophomores and Johnson and Molly for the freshman. ROCK ON!!!

Then I'm going with Car-baby Schoenstadt to the first Cherubs show at Northwestern. Tonight at 9 is Nurit's show. Tomorrow I'll be going with her, Petchenik, Jared and Nicole to see both Ross and Mel's shows. WOO! Theatrey. ;-)

Now, I have to leave my house at 5:15, so in my mind, that gives me a quality 2 hours in which to sleep. Rock the house, biatch.
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Candle in the Wind

But like a fool I keep losing my place and I keep seeing you walk through that door

Nap was taken. It was excellent.

Fazoli's was had. It too rocked the house. Our underclassmen rock, and it was great to know that we started a tradition!!

Cherubs show rocked. Tonights was the play Anton in Show Business, a comedy about the theatre.

Now I need sleep. Because tomorrow is our camp trip to the Wheeling Water Park (oh boy!) and then tomorrow night there are more Cherubs shows and dinner at FlatTop! WOO!

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