July 24th, 2003


Saturday night's alright for fighting


I'm back from orientation.

Yesterday SUCKED! It was sooooo long! 7:30am until 9pm! Of boring speakers, being herded like cattle and having no time to rest. We started with 3 tests, at 8am, taking 2 and a half hours. Boo!

But Mama and I ditched the last two presentations and left at 6:30. ;-)

Today was good. Advisor meeting at 8:50, and I had a preliminary schedule by 10. Then I went to get my Campus ID Card. Then I went to the library to actually register for classes. It's all done online, but they had a lab devoted to helping freshman get it all figured out. It was so easy!

I'm into 5 courses and I'm waitlisted on my only theatre course. :-( And it's my major. Double :-(.

But I just went in and added a chorus for non-music majors as an elective, so now I have 16 credits.


Today was so easy and fun. It's good.

AND! I got free software. MS Office XP Pro AND! MS Office for Mac OS X. Rock on, dudes.

Now I'm going to Candace's for chinese and non-mommy time. The bitch made me drive for 9 of the 12 hours we've driven in the past 3 days, AND all the times we went around campus. Silly her. But now I'm really really familiar with the west campus.

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