July 22nd, 2003

Pink - Not your kind of girl

We're going to Kentucky, we're going to the fair

I have so little faith in our legal system after reading these two sentences about having to attend Traffic Safety School:

If you fail to appear for a class without notifying the driver safety program office. You will be charged an additional $20.

Dumbasses. I shouldn't have to go, just because of that.

Anywho, I'm (over)packing for Indiana. Leaving around 6. Oy. Just me and my mother. I have a headache already!

But I have my CD player and CDs and a book to read for when we get there. I wonder what classes I'll end up with.

So this is the last I'll be writing until Thursday night.

So much love! Send good vibes this way and hope that I get into some kick-ass classes!!
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