July 21st, 2003


I guess you've always known

Today at camp was boring. Eli remains to be adorable and he keeps me sane. "I don't know who my favorite is, you or Roxie." He's conflicted because Roxie is his group's counselor, but he likes me better. ;-)

And after I had a doctor's appointment. Boring, and I didn't get my nap.

Then Jason came over and we talked a bit, then played some Super Smash. We later met up with Pat and John playing frisbee in the park and just got home from going to Chipotle for dinner.

I am still trying to make Patty come watch Office Space with me. Silly boy.
[10:02:53 PM] Pat: I just took a shower...I would get all dirty again by being in your presence

And now, I sleep. Because I have a meeting tomorrow at 9am. And orientation Wednesday and Thursday. I might be a little nervous...
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