July 19th, 2003


I don't need no one to tell me 'bout Heaven

Tonight was pretty good. Dinner at Chipotle, then saw Eric's play "Never the Sinner" about the Leopold and Loeb trial of the 20's. It was uber famous, especially in Chicago. It was amazing. Awesome, awesome, awesome script, great cast, fabulous technical work, good directing.

Zoe and I raved about it all the way to Showplace to see Bad Boys II.

It was SOOOOOOO good.

Obviously, Will Smith is just fucking hot, but it also had a really good and intriguing plot, fantastic action scenes, and well-written humor.

Too bad I have a monster headache again. Seriously disturbing. It hurts so much and has for a while. I also feel a bit sick, and very tired. Bedtime.
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Headache the size of Antarctica.


Watching Donnie Darko with Lewis around 6. Maybe I'll sleep until he comes over.

Took Zoe to Toys R Us, Panera and Barnes and Noble today. She better love me. She did end up buying a book, at least.
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When you choke on the regrets


Lewis came over and we watched Cruel Intentions for no reason other than that Cruel Intentions 2 was on, and we realized that it has almost the exact same plot, but was just 12 times worse.

Then Chazz came over and we ordered Zippy's for dinner.

Then Rob and John came over and we all watched Boondock Saints even though everyone but Rob had seen it. And I STILL haven't seen Donnie Darko.

Then they all left.

In the meantime, Zoe watched The Princess Bride and The Parent Trap, I gave her food and ice cream, then sent her to bed while she listened to my Lion King the Musical soundtrack.

That was it, I guess.
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