July 17th, 2003


That and this. These and those...no one knows

Today has been long and tiring. Constant moving, never resting and a big thunderstorm to top it all off.

-Last Starbucks run before camp. Must start saving money.

-Camp. Bleh. Tomorrow should be an easy day though.

-Cingular store. One hour and 30 minutes later...new phone.

-Pick up Zoe from Day Camp. In bumble.

-Come home in DOWNPOUR. Dangerous roads ahead.

-Get order from newegg.com. Big Compact Flash card is now residing in camera.

-Try to download rings to new phone. Quite possible I just wasted $20 because something wasn't right. Fuck me.

-Take Zoe to dinner.

-Stop at Showplace to order advance tickets for Bad Boys II tomorrow. Am embarrassed when I have to use my traffic ticket to prove that I'm over 17.

-Take Zoe to sister's apartment. Give her bath.

-Read for a very little time. Start programming numbers into new phone.

-Come home. Very tired. Wanting to fall asleep. And that's what I will do. Momentarily.
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    No One Knows - Queens of the Stone Age (in head)