July 13th, 2003


And you see I love you, you can see she doesn't, but you just keep holding on

I've only been up for an hour.

But I've started to check out flights and hotels in Seattle. (About $450 for 5 days. Not bad)

And I started to investigate hotels in Minneapolis for our next roadtrip.

I love to travel. I was so denied as a child. I went to Florida once and we took weekend trips to visit my grandma in Wisconsin. That was about it.

The first time I flew on a plane was to go to Washington DC with my 8th grade class. The second time was going to LA with Chorus and Band my Junior year.

Third was Cici taking me to New York. YAY!

And fourth was going to New Orleans with Chorus this year.

School trips are good. But I want fun friends vacations! And St. Louis was SO MUCH FUN that I have to do this a lot before the end of summer. I realize I'm sacrificing my digital camera, but I'd rather spend my money on travel anyway.

Now I'm off to read.

Things to remember to do:
- Orientation survey
- Call Zoe about Seattle
- Cancel camping roadtrip reservations
- Talk to Allie and Candace about Minnesota
- Go to Cingular and buy a new phone. Oy!
- Convince Mommy she needs a new phone and have her pay for both of ours. :-D
- Budget
- Find different [cheaper] digital camera to want
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Woke up the baby and she started to cry. She must've known what we were going to find


So in my last entry I had "budget" on my to-do list.

And then I went and spent $500 today.

Hee hee hee. I love to spend money. If only I had it to spend...

But anywho. I bought my new camera. The lovely Canon PowerShot S230. Though it's cheaper at amazon.com, they are out of stock and I got impatient. Plus, I had Best Buy gift cards.

I also picked up the Foo Fighter's album The Colour and the Shape.

With my $65 in gift cards, the grand total was $327.

Then I came home and immediately ordered a 256 MB Compact Flash card. From newegg.com for $48...about half the price Best Buy sells them for. Cheap bastards.

*cough* Then I ordered my sister a gift for letting me use her camera for so long...

I also just recently bought an accessory case with extra battery and a USB Compact Flash card reader. I bought the "refurbished" one for $49.50 instead of the new one for $66. It better be fine or I might cry.

And I'm still looking at a trip to Seattle (or maybe Las Vegas) and a new cell phone. I need to get paid. Now.

I should go do something useful.
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