July 3rd, 2003


And I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget

So I was talking to Patty and Mulder earlier, trying to find SOMETHING to do, and mid-planning an event for tonight...I get ditched.

And no one else appears to be around.

So I strike up a conversation with Petey, thinking that surely he would have a solution to my problem.

And indeed he did!!

[06:26:50 PM] we have been had: i
[06:26:51 PM] we have been had: want
[06:26:52 PM] we have been had: to
[06:26:52 PM] we have been had: go
[06:26:53 PM] we have been had: to the
[06:26:55 PM] we have been had: white stripe
[06:26:56 PM] we have been had: s
[06:26:57 PM] we have been had: RIGHT NOW
[06:26:59 PM] we have been had: RIGHT NOW
[06:27:02 PM] we have been had: BUY FROM A SCALPER
[06:27:05 PM] we have been had: CUMON
[06:27:08 PM] we have been had: LET'S GO
[06:27:15 PM] we have been had: I'LL DRIVE
[06:27:17 PM] we have been had: NO ONE IS HOME

So we drove down, a half-hour before the show, through some sketchy neighborhoods to the Aragon Ballroom.

Which always makes me think "Aragorn" but whatever. I'm a geek.

Parking is $20 and we don't even have tickets. There is no where to go on the streets though, so we risk having to come home $10 poorer each.

There's a crazy scalper on the streets who keeps talking about getting the deal done quickly because of the cops and made us hold the tickets while paying in case the cops come before the deal is done. Creepy! And then there was the bartering, which in retrospect was really entertaining. Originally, the guy wanted $60 a piece for tickets that were only worth $30. But Peter knocked it down to $45 each.

So a total of $55 for the evening.

And I was so scared that the tickets wouldn't work and they would catch us for scalping, or it would all turn out to be a scam. But all went well and though we missed the opening act, we got there with plenty of time before they took the stage a little after 8:30, playing until 10 with an encore until 10:15.

And the concert was pretty good. Not the best, by far, but the music was good. I'm not really familiar with the White Stripes at all (except what's on the radio) but I enjoyed it. And standing room only places are always fun. The crowd sucked, but whatever. I love live performances.

I am now very smokey though. And it was hotter than hell in there.

We went to Denny's for dinner afterward. Which is always a party. But I'm really tired.

And I have to be up for work in less than 7 and a half hours.

So I'm getting to bed.
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Candle in the Wind

The moon is full, my arms are empty. All night long I've pleaded and cried

A) Camp is always on my mind. The kids, the songs. Work is invading my life. Dammit.

B) I love fireworks. They are pretty. The loud ones are the best.

C) I love firework commentary.

D) I don't love how sore my hands are from tugging that stupid wagon all the way there and all the way back. My feet are also not very happy with me. Stupid metal handles on a 30-year old wooden Radio Flyer. *sigh*

E) I'm tired, I guess.

F) The gathering was pretty fun. 25 people. Got to meet Jason's girlfriend Kay, who is awesome. I approve.

G) After party at my house was too huge. Half the group left for Lizzie's. The rest chilled here. And is now gone. So early. But whatever.

H) Party at Allie's tomorrow night. I hope it's better than this one. Gail has issues. They are not being resolved. What the hell? So much for anti-depressants, eh?
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