June 30th, 2003


Down poison

Work today was so horribly boring.

And it's only Day 6.

Good thing? 4 day week.

Yeah 4th of July!


At 4:15, a bunch of us girls are going down to the Taste of Chicago! I'm so excited, I've never been there before. Woo!!!

But now I need to go to the ATM so I have money for it. Hee hee...whoops.
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raam-saam saam, a raam-saam saam. A gooley, gooley, gooley and a raam-saam saam

The Taste rocked!

7 of us went (Janet, Kendall, Melissa, Rebecca, Lizzie, Candace and myself) and we each chipped in $20 for 242 tickets. Most food was between 3 and 9 tickets. So we just went around and bought everything and split it up 4, 5, 6, 7 ways and everyone got bites of just about everything.

SO MUCH FOOD! As we were thinking back, we were there for 3 hours and used all of our tickets on everything from funnel cake to potstickers to pickles to ice cream to toasted ravioli to cheese fries to fudge to goat. Yes, I ate goat.

There was everything there you could think of. And we at so much of it. It really rocked and it was cool that we had to split things so much because then you got so little of each, but so much of everything. If that makes sense.

So yay.

And now I'm tired. Because there was a lot of walking. From the train to the Taste, around the Taste for 3 hours, then back to the train. Not to mention all of work this morning. OY!

SO! Goodnight!
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