June 27th, 2003


You know you make me break down



Seriously, I love our campers...but today was unbearable. So close to the end. All children become intolerable beasts, the spawns of Satan!, on Fridays.

Tonight, I'm probably going shopping with Candace and Zoe. Possibly for bras. Woo.

Oh shit. I was going to go to Cingular. MY PHONE IS SOOOOO SUCKY!!
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    Break Down - Foo Fighters

I never will forget those nights, I wonder if it's all a dream

Tonight was fairly decent.

Chazz came over this afternoon and we talked a bit. He's a really good guy.

Then Zoe, Candace and I went to Panera and shopping at JCPenny for summer clothes. I got another pair of shorts and a skort(?). Then we went bra shopping and a lady there helped me find bras that actually fit! Unfortunately I'm now into sized that are no longer fun and pretty, but kinda boring. I did the best I could color wise though. *sigh*

Then the girls came back and we watched BASEketball, quite possibly the funniest movie ever. We were cracking up the entire time.

So great!

And now...we sleep?
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    Boys of Summer - Don Henley (in head)