June 25th, 2003


And I'm ready to forget the reasons that keep me here



My alarm didn't go off this morning, so instead of waking up at 8am...I woke up at 9:17am.

And I have to be to work at 9:15.

AHHHHHH! I HATE being late. I don't do it well. I'm not late. I'm a person who runs early. Late is just...eww.

So it threw me off for the rest of the day.

I got there by 9:45, but I felt like shit. I didn't even grab my backpack, just a lunch and got dressed. I tried calling all of my superiors and couldn't get any of them.

I need comfort food. Starbuck's Frappuccino right now. Olive Garden for dinner. And Ben and Jerry's for dessert.


Other than that, things are fine, I guess.
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This rocks. So much. (Log in as "anonymous")

As does this!

I have a huge Orlando Bloom on my desktop.

DEAR GOD! I want to jump him soooooo badly!

And now? OLIVE GARDEN!!!

Molly went to Starbucks with me earlier. She rocks.

Oh, and I downloaded about 25 Foo Fighters songs. Yay free music.

Where are my pants?
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All my life I've been searching for something

Went to Olive Garden with Candace, which was of the good. Then we brought Zoe back to my house and Jason came over.

Then we went to invite the boys, who had gone to Rob's.

They didn't want to come over (though they had all told me that they would), and we didn't really want to go there.

So Rob calls and says that they are going to Togo's and do we want to meet them for ice cream.

Sure. So we leave Zoe here to watch Fast and the Furious while Candace, Crystal and I go to Togo's. Then they pull this DICK stunt, driving in circles around the parking lot, ditching us, then coming back, expecting us to follow them around in a goose chase.

Well FUCK THAT. Considering my WONDERFUL day I had today, and the fact that Candace and I were both tired...we left to come back to my house. Candace called and bitched them out, on the verge of tears. I sent a text message that said "FUCK YOU JACKASSES! Our 6 year olds behaved better than you did! I hope you have a shitty night."

Pissed. Off.




Seriously, if they didn't want to hang out with us WHY THE HELL DID THEY INVITE US?

And it was frustrating and childish. And it made my bad day MUCH WORSE.

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