June 10th, 2003


I was off to drink you away

Tonight was alright. Uneventful as usual.

"Secret" party at Caitlin's. Silly bitch that she is.

We were kicked out about 10:15, so I had an after-party for Zack, Amanda, Candace and I. We played Tigger's Hunny Hunt aka "Disney Does Acid" and looked through my brother's old yearbooks. I want to pretend that there were not a lot of drinking and drug references and that MANY girls gave him their phone numbers. No...it didn't happen.

So now I'm alone and tired! So very tired. SO! Bedtime. I don't quite know if I'm sitting for Zoe or not. I guess we'll find out in the morning.

Oh! And we're going to Six Flags Great America on Wednesday. So far it's me, Candace, Lizzie, Zack. Maybe Amanda if we can convince her to call in sick to work, and Allie if I ever get a hold of her. Petey! What are you up to on Wednesday?

Tickets and food for the day is going to be about $50. Damn.
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And she knows, she's been here too few years to feel this old

I woke up...way too early, for the record...with the cramps from hell.

Seriously, I feel like I'm going to die. Or claw out my uterus. Whichever comes first.

In OTHER news...there is no other news. Or at least, not since last night.

I have to call Allie to see if she wants to come with to Great America. And I need to send out a follow up email on Miss Saigon, because we need to order tickets ASAP!!!

And that's basically all I'm doing today.

Where did my Nike drawstring bag go? Dammit.
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Zack and Peter!!!!

Great America tomorrow. $30 to get in, plus whatever you need for food.

We're meeting at Lizzie's house at 9am.

Zack -- Tell Amanda. I'm sure we can convince her to call in "sick". She won't be working there long anyway... ;-)

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Join us, leave your fields to flower. Join us, leave your cheese to sour

Today has been so uneventful.

I have not showered or gotten dressed.

Zoe has strep throat so I'm babysitting this afternoon. Cici brought me yummy lunch when she dropped the kid off. YAY!

Tomorrow is Six Flags day. I didn't think I'd be excited, but now I am. Maybe it's because it's no longer just 3 people. More = better.

Passions is really fucked up, and I don't understand what's going on on Days of Our Lives. Sooooo sad. These shows are so bad. I should start watching ABC soaps. Much better.

I'm tired and dirty. Now let's see what I'm going to do about it!
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