June 9th, 2003


I know it's easy to get to close...don't get to close, don't

I would cut this...but it's just so fucking true.

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In other news...

Tonight ended up being pretty good. I dumped pictures at my sisters and got home a little before 8. I watched the Tony's very briefly, then came downstairs to start a ruckus online.

Read: I invited people over without asking permission OR warning my parents. Bwahahaha!

Yeah. Because we're bad kids.

Chazz, Pat, Carly and Nikki came over and we all started watching The Thomas Crown Affair. A while into it, Zack, Amanda and Peter came, and the four of us started playing video games. First Mario Tennis, then Mario Kart 64, and finally Mario Party 2.

Petey set it on 50 turns (which would have taken about 3 hours), but they all wussed out and Amanda had to be home early-ish...so we only got through 18 by the time they left around 1am.

Pat: so you didn't finish the game?!
Me: NO!!!! I'm uber disappointed.
Pat: sheesh
Pat: why'd you let em leave?

Ha ha. I want to play a 50 turn game sometime. It would take forever and I'd probably never want to play again...but one day. One day I will do it!

And on that note...I'm going to talk to Patty and Petey a little more, then probably go to bed.
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(no subject)

I started 4 conversations with the sentence "I am so bored" and look where they've left me.

Still bored, but at least talking to people. About trimming hedges and Great America.

And I realized that I've been very bitter toward Zack lately, and I'm sorry. I'm just evil.

And I'm tired, and SO VERY HUNGRY!!! So I'm going to get food and try to get out of the house before my mother eats my soul. Because she will soon.

Oh, and I have $10 to Barnes and Noble and $15 to Best Buy. Rock on.
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Alanis - Unsexy

Just calm the child

I was sittin' around, playing video games (Mario Kart 64 and Mario Golf...which gets really boring when playing alone) and I thought I'd take a nap.

Two hour later...I wake up, refreshed. Yay.

Shindig at Caitlin's tonight. Small, "hush hush". I hate those. But oh well. Carpooling with Chazz and Patty. Might have an after-party shindig at my house, because I think she's kicking us out at 10pm.

10pm! I feel like I'm 12 again.

Anywho. Couldn't find anyone to Chipotle with me for dinner, so I had a hot dog. Boring. Patty gets real meals. Why can't I have real meals?

Gail: So how was dinner?
Pat: quality, as usual. And now I have lots of energy :)
Gail: I wish my mother would cook. Just every once in a while would be nice
Gail: Can I trade her in for a new one?
Pat: I'm sure there are ways :)
Pat: you can do anything with the internet

Oh well. Someday.

Oh, and I got roped into babysitting for Zoe all day tomorrow. WHA HAPPENED?
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