June 5th, 2003

Candle in the Wind

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If there's one thing that is sticking in mind about graduation, it's how thoroughly anti-climatic it was. Like it's this huge deal that you graduate high school. And while we were in Ravinia it felt cool and important.

But I definitely didn't get pictures with more than 4 people. And once we left, it was like. *BAM* It's over.

And now what? I just feel like ever being in high school was so young (if that makes sense). Like I want to distance myself from graduation because it's an important marker, but not one to brag about. Just to have.


So anyway...tonight was pretty normal. Nice ceremony, very quick. Dinner with the family. Hanging out at Rob's.

I've been getting irrationally pissed off at Goldy. But Peter is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. And I made fun of Caitlin way more than necessary, but she was pissing me off too.

Basically, it was the "Gail is fucking pissed off" night, though I think I remained fairly plesant...if not just really annoying. Per usual, I suppose. I can get really fucking annoying when I don't watch myself.
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I hate my sleep schedule.

Basically...no matter when I go to bed, I will wake up around 9 or 9:30.

So last night I went to bed "early" at 1am and woke up at 9am. I could have gone to bed at 3am, and still woken up at 9am.

I just want sleep. Is that too much to ask for?

I hate eating breakfast, because then there's lunch right away, even if you wait until 2pm to eat it. And it's just all screwy.

The one thing I had planned today was to maybe go to the softball game at 4pm...in Palatine. So it's probably not going to happen...since I'd have to leave at 3.

And Mama just sent an email saying that we are going bride and bridesmaid dress shopping at 3. Blah.

I need a shower. And food.
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What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong

Posting without a reason. The story of my life, folks.

Watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Back to the Future this morning. Gotta love 100 movie channels and not having school.

At 3, I went with my sister Fayanne, my mom and my cousin Stephanie to David's Bridal. Fa trying on a bunch of wedding dresses and Steph and I were bridesmaids extraordinare. 'Twas fun. Found some a couple really pretty ones.

And now, I'm making dinner plans.

7pm Applebee's for salad! I'm soooooo in a salad mood!
Then ice cream at Baskin Robbins
And probably playing in a park (because the temperature has risen 30 degrees since two days ago)

And yeah. Hanging out elsewhere I'm sure. That's out fun and exciting plans. As always.
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