June 2nd, 2003

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When you're gone, I'm around for you

Today actually went pretty well. And after last night being decent, I'm seeing an upswing. Or at least hoping for one.

Ali's party was alright. Nothing spectacular, but good food. Her mom is amazing. We played Catch Phrase, which Gatto would have flipped out if he were playing. It's totally his kind of game.

Zoe and I ducked out early, around 4:30, to come to my house so that I could nap while she watched a movie. She put in Parent Trap the remake, and then Caitlin came over. And Zack. And around 5:15, I gave up on the nap, and more people were trickling in, like Mulder, Candace, Goldy, Liz and Allie. We turned off Parent Trap in favor of Josie and the Pussycats.

There was lots of fooding here also. I swear. I have done nothing but eat for the past week. Since prom, really. I need to stop that.

There was video gaming and Chinese for dinner. Good times. More people came. More people left. Some people came back.

At the very end, Amanda, Carly and Rebecca joined me and Zack (as other kids were leaving) and the 5 of us chilled and laughed until about 1:15, when they all fled.

I really need to clean my basement. It's a mess. Maybe tomorrow.

Nothing going on tomorrow...surprisingly. The next day is Graduation Rehearsal, yet another doctor's appointment, and Candace's birthday.

Shittles™. I need to go to Kenosha. And the ATM. Tomorrow.

*"Shittles" is a registered trademark of The Spank. It has been used by permission. Or rather...the fact that I can't stop myself once I've found a good thing.
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A) More of you need to sign up. Yes, it takes a little bit of time, but it's just fun survey questions.

B) Petey...apparently we aren't very compatible. :-( Isn't that sad?

So I'm up. And really hungry with really bad breath...so I'm grabbing breakfast, then a shower and brushing my teeth and all those other fabulous things that mean I'm ready to face the day!

Things I should maybe consider getting done today:
- Washing my car (inside and out)
- Cleaning the basement (desk, table, my room)
- Going to school and cleaning out my locker, since I don't think it "belongs to me" anymore.
- Go to Fazoli's in Kenosha for a possible birthday gift for Candace

Wow...that's a lot of cleaning.

Ooo...doctor's office just called. My lab results for the blood test are in. I have very good cholesterol. 176 for the bad and 55 for good...or something like that. I also have normal glucose levels and kidney function, or something like that. Well that's a load off my mind.*

*I was not actually worried about any of this. I'm always extremely healthy. I always have been. Doctor's are very impressed...especially since I do not watch what I eat, nor do I use sunblock, or any of that other "healthy" stuff. HA! to all of those people who don't eat eggs and meat because they are bad for you. My grandmother lived until 92, and probably cooked with lard for most of her life.
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Because I'm heinous and never remember to check the birthdays chart...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kait!!!

I hope it was a great birthday. From the sounds of it, it was! ;-)

And you can say forever, but we both know that it won't change a thing

Sometimes I wonder if I speak when I shouldn't, and stay quiet when I should.

Eh, my judgment isn't always the greatest. That's for damn sure.

Tonight was pretty good. Zoe and I went to the sectionals for Girl's Softball and our varsity team won so they are going on to regionals! (Or whatever comes next, I'm really bad with those terms.)

Then we went back to her house to watch Eat Drink, Man Woman which wasn't very good. It was odd and too much was implied that we weren't getting. And the names got confusing, especially considering that they were all in subtitles.

I'm home now, early, because I have to leave for graduation rehearsal at 7:30 tomorrow morning! That was earlier than I left for school!!! But we have to be at Ravinia at 8am SHARP.

We are also supposed to have the shoes we are wearing for the ceremony to practice in, but I don't know what I'm wearing yet. I only own black shoes and my dress is very light blue/green. It's also thin and spaghetti strap, but it's probably going to be FREEZING. It's about 50 right now. It's fucking June, people! Insanity.

There is something that I'm forgetting to do. I know it. Fuck.
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