May 21st, 2003

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There's no reason, but I know where you're coming from

2 Days of School Left!!!!


Today was alright.

In English we are watching Office Space. Horribly inappropriate, but SO FUNNY! And I turned in my paper so I'm done for that class.

And Foreign Policy is done as well. We are now just sitting around, discussing political cartoons and having fun.

Econ. Urg. I love the class, and I love Mr. Huff. He's my all-time favorite teacher ever. The best I've ever had. But we are still learning, and I love learning...but I hate the fact that I still have a paper due next Thursday.

Everything else is just sort of there.

Today was the last Pasta Day ever. So of course, I had to get it.

In Chorus, we're preparing for the Awards Concert next week.

We're choreographing a dance in small groups for Dance. Pilobolus...which is a lot of touching and smooshing and strange moves and climbing. Weird shit...but that's for Tuesday.

Theatre is fabulous. Both of them. Company is amazing, I love it. I'm going to miss it so much. Today, we got a list of everyone's email and AIM/AOL screennames. So there are an extra 19 people on my Buddy List. Yay!

And 1,2 is just so fun. I love those kids. I need to write them end-of-the-year notes. So I don't have to sign so many yearbooks!

After school, Candace and I went to Baskin-Robbins for Gold Medal Ribbon shakes. SOOOOO good.

Then I came home, did massive amounts of Econ homework. And now I'm waiting for the Orchestra concert at 7.
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Haven't seen you in ages, was I one of your phases?

Went to the Orchestra Concert tonight. Almost got lost in Highland Park (cause I suck) but I have an excellent sense of direction, so it was all good.

The concert was okay. Not their best. Our orchestra is ten times better than Highland Park's and Mr. Velleuer is definitely a better conductor. Yay!

During the concert, I was writing out the notes/yearbook signings that I'm going to give my Theatre 1,2 class. Mmm...multi-tasking.

Then a group of about 11 of us went to Walker Bros. for dinner. 'Twas good because I had forgotten to eat before it. I'm so full now, I had an excellent strawberry belgian waffle. Mmmm...

And Peter was uber funny tonight. I was easily amused a lot, but things he was saying were just faboo.

Now I'm going to finish my notes to my kids. Yearbooks come out tomorrow!!!

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**The subject line reminds me of a friend of mine who I hadn't talked to until he got home from school recently. Fucked up...

And in an (un-?)related note, I love my icon. A great deal. Pink fucking rocks.
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