May 19th, 2003


When you're high, I'm down on you

Days drag on like nothing I've ever known before.

And I'm familiar with the type of Senioritis that is the same as slacking off...ya know, the not wanting to work.

But what I'm going through right now is so much worse. I loathe coming to school and have no patience for people in my classes. I want to get things done with so I can leave!


But first I have my Foreign Policy final project to do (it's due tomorrow).

My English paper got half-done in class today, and with any luck, I can finish it in class tomorrow.

I have not touched my econ paper. That's the spawn of Satan.

Job orientation tonight from 7-9. Party.
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And you try to see it my way, but you won't see why that I feel the way that I do all the time

Fucking journal ate my post. I hate you, bitch.

Basically...I'm home from job orientation. It was boring, but we're getting paid! YAY.

And I have to finish Foreign Policy. It's three parts, each worth 50 points. The entire project is worth 40.5% of our 4th quarter grade.
Part One: A list of major players in Western Europe and descriptions of them. Done.
Part Two: A political cartoon (I created a "new" map of Europe by rearranging countries based on support of the US war with Iraq). Mostly done.
Part Three: A three paged history and summary of events based on two issues from Western Europe and one issue from elsewhere in the world (I'm probably using North Korea). Haven't even started.


Now I must work. So that I can get to bed. Yeah.
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(no subject)

I fucking hate this cunt-rag piece of shit that calls itself a computer.

Those pictures on the CD that I was talking about earlier? Gone. Completely and totally ruined, never to be seen again. And it upsets me so much, because there were about 40 pictures there, and 7 of them were from this one really awesome day at Maplewood. They were REALLY CUTE PICTURES. Once of Candace, Goldy and Johnson. Ones of me and Jason. Really cute ones that I would give my pinkie toe to have back. I would give up part of my body, a toe, something easily visible and permanent, JUST to have those pictures back, that's how much I loved them.

*sigh* Fuck.

As my away message says: Why can't things go my way, just once??
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