May 17th, 2003


I want to be me and turn you on

Tonight was pretty okay.

We went to the park and played some frisbee and hung out in the cool 65 F spring weather.

The boys decided to play "Alamo" and tackle us girls. And as soon as we stood back up, we'd get tackled again. I can't tell you how many times I hit the ground. At least 30 and I'm not even exaggerating. It was fun, but I'm now very sore, my back is in knots and my neck hurts when I move it a lot.


Then we went to Goldy's to hang out. Chinese for dinner = so good. And I took the leftover fried rice. Bwahahaha.

Home now. A little tired, but not too bad. I'm messing around at for getting prints of digital pictures. Seems like a pretty good deal considering that 24 prints is usually about $7.50, but this site would be $6...and you can choose which prints you want so you don't get any crappy ones. Digital is looking better every day.

Stretch Princess is an amazing band. I love them. I highly recommend downloading "Free," "Heavy," "Lost on Me," "Shoes," and "Sorry." GO! Now!!!
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Candle in the Wind

And you try to see it my way, but you won't see why that I feel the way that I do all the time

Eh, I'm so flemmy this morning.

And so stiff! I'm sore all over, and I know exactly what it's from. Alamo. Being football-tackled to the ground multiple times...ouch. My back is killing.

Today. I need to try on my prom dress with shoes and see if I need alterations, or if it will be fine as is. And I should go out to get accessories. I'm thinking of going to Express and just charging it all. Cause I have a grand total of $65 in my checking account. I wish mommy would pay me back that $350 she owes me, but I know that she won't.

So I'll charge stuff and maybe make her pay for it later. Or I'll just end up paying for it myself. "Being responsible" or something. Pfft!

For now, I'm bored. And anxious to get up to my sister's apartment to upload the 50-ish pictures that are currently on my (sister's) digital camera.

So! Try on dress. Shower. Shop. My day.
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Alanis - Unsexy

Wake me up inside, call my name and save me from the dark

Long day, party of one.

A little before 11, Jenny calls me and asks if I want to go with her and a friend of her's from college who is visiting Chicago for the weekend to the Art Institute.

Who am I to say no to fine art?

So at 11:30, the two of us go downtown. We start by shopping on Michigan Avenue. Neither of us have anything specifically to shop for, but I still needed jewelry for prom. So we went to Lord & Taylor at Water Tower Place.

Found a beautiful necklace...$38. Eep. A little steep. BUT! There was a set of matching earrings. And they are big-ish, gold with little white and pink opal stones in a very cool, almost Indian design...which it good because with a strapless dress and an up-do, I need something to draw attention in the foot between the hair and the dress. Now I have a focal point.

The earrings were another $30 and by the time sales tax was added in, I had spent $73.95. Bugger. My checkbook now says that I have negative money (though I keep $100 as a cushion). But they are really pretty.


Around 3 we met up with Jen's friend Kate and a few of her cousins. We saw the Himalayas exhibit, and went to the impressionist wing. *swoon* I love impressionism. And I'm starting to really enjoy Camille Pissaro. Muted, but beautiful.

The Art Institute closed at 5, so we left for home. Knowing traffic might be pretty bad, we took Lake Shore Drive up to Sheridan and right into Evanston. We stopped at Chipotle for dinner, then continued back on the Edens.

Getting back, I call to find out people are at Zoe's. I go over and most people leave. She and I watch Swordfish which was actually pretty good, and the hottest role I've seen Hugh Jackman in. Damn, I want him so badly in that film.

Then there was a drama with Caitlin and I ended up going to Patty's, rather pissed off. But it resolved itself, because her dramas always do, and things were all fine and dandy 20 minutes later.


Stayed there until a little before midnight and now I'm home. I have so much homework to do tomorrow. Damn.
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