May 15th, 2003

Pink - Not your kind of girl

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Today was pajama day.

Or at least it was for me, Allie, Nikki, Candace and Zoe. Rock on, girls!

So comfy = good. Though I think I summed it all up today 7th period when I said (very loudly, in the middle of the library) "I'm so freakin' BORED!"


So now I'm changing into real clothes for dinner tonight. Party on.

I hate school. But! 5 more days left, and tomorrow is Senior Day which means no classes. Rock like the fucking stone you are, dude.
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Pink - Not your kind of girl

You don't have to do this...hush your mouth, it's Christmas

Today (-night) was good. Dinner was yummy. Jason had a lot of homework to do, and tickets to see Matrix at 10:30, so I basically had to leave right after dinner.

But it put me back here in time to catch the last band concert. Which was alright, and then a bunch of us went to Baker's Square.

Overall, 'twas an alright evening.

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