May 11th, 2003


At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing

Tonight was uber fun. Zoe, Candace, Johnson, Molly and I went up to Kenosha for dinner at Fazoli's. The freshman would have been dropped off on the way home, but there have been severe weather warnings and tornado watches all night. So we all just went back to Candace's as quickly as possible. Ate some ice cream, Rob came over, we watched HP and the Chamber of Secrets and then came home.


And now. I'm SO tired that it's bedtime. And I have a lot of homework tomorrow, not to mention the Waa-Mu (Northwestern's Variety Show) at 2pm. I should get Mama a gift. Erg.
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You can guess where she picks up the extra, you can bet she's earning her keep sleeping around

Ah Sunday.

I woke up at 8:30 this morning. Thoroughly refused to get out of bed, and thus tossed, turned, and somewhat slept for another two hours until 10:30.

Then I got up, had my orange juice and Corn Pops. And now I sit here.


Haven't seen mommy yet. She's at church. Then probably doing something with Aunt Judy. I really don't know.

I don't think I have many, but to those of you lovelies who have children of your own...
Happy Mother's Day!!!

I've got about 2 hours before I have to go down to Evanston. So I'm gonna go shower, and maybe start some homework. Because I have a TON, and every night this week I have something going on. *sigh*

9 days. That's it.
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We've got magic to do, just for you, we've got miracle plays to play

Waa-Mu Show: This Just In... was pretty good. Reminded me of old-school STUNTS. Ah yes.

Saw Ross there, and a couple other DHS kids. Crazy.

Talked to Jason very briefly. Talked to Becca and Mommy and Daddy Crystal as well.

Now I'm home and waiting for the time we get to leave to go to mother's day dinner. Mmm...Applebee's.

Ha ha...kitty is laying on the Hungry, Hungry Hippos box and the lid is collapsing in. It's funny, cause she's practically the size of a hippo. <3 my kitty.

DEAR GOD! I just used "<3". EEEEWWWWW! I hate internet-speak. I hate using "brb" or "g2g" or even "ttyl". I type things out. I use punctuation and capitalization. I do not use <3.

It must be a sign of delusion. I need sleep.
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Pink - Not your kind of girl

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Kitty's on the box again. Crack baby, that one.

Dinner was yummy. Long, but I'm glad Dave and Katie came. Being alone with the parents would have been enough to permanently damage me.

Now I must interview Mama about work. BLAH.
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